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ERP solutions for Furniture & Interior -wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers

Are your variants and configuration options a challenge to manage and maintain? Do you depend too much on Excel spreadsheets?

 Are you struggling to get an accurate overview of an ever-more complex supply chain? Are you locked in on an old IT platform you can’t upgrade?

What if there was a way to get the total overview of your business and processes you need to take the right decisions?

There is. With TRIMIT.

What does TRIMIT do?

Check out some of the hundreds of industry features TRIMIT offers furniture and interior businesses:

  • Online calculation at order entry 
  • Handling of variants and dimensions 
  • Variant outcomes dependent on customer, country of basic item data 
  • Product configuration - control of individual item qualities at the order stage 
  • Optimization of order handling process 
  • Easy creation and maintenance via masters 
  • Unlimited variants and dimensions 
  • Built-in shop floor control and data capture 
  • Capacity planning 
  • Outline control of bottlenecks throughout order process 
  • Automatic creation of production orders with relation to customer orders 
  • Combination of actual cost prices and standard cost prices 
  • Search based on technical specifications 
  • Seamless Microsoft Office integration 

TRIMIT and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

TRIMIT is fully embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, one of the most popular business solutions in the world. It is cloud-based, works on all your devices and updates automatically.

It offers full integration to Office365, PowerApps and the rest of the Microsoft stack, making it an incredibly compelling total offering.

With TRIMIT, you get to experience the power of an international customer community. Your solution will be automatically updated every month based on the input from other companies like you.

Explore the Features

Enhancing and extending functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for companies in the furniture industry.

Are you selling your products online, or are you planning to?

Part of our offering is a suite of e-commerce products helping you sell online – you can choose between fully integrated B2C and B2B webshops, and a Sales Agent portal for remote order entry.
If you already have these solutions in place, that’s great – then we will make sure TRIMIT integrates with them and feed them the right information at the right time.

Want to know more about our webshops and -portals? Let's take a look at TRIMIT eCommerce

The best fit for your business with TRIMIT

We believe there is tremendous value for furniture and interior companies in working with business software developed for their industry and used by their peers.

Your brand deserves only the best, and TRIMIT already provides the backbone for many successful brands. 
We want you to join the community!

Best of breed or end-to-end?
The choice is yours with TRIMIT

Some of our more than 500 customers use TRIMIT as one piece of their internal best-of-breed business software eco-system, others use it as an end-to-end solution.
The choice is yours. 

Hear it from our customers

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Will TRIMIT fit your business?

Whether you’re a wholesaler, retailer, manufacturer or a combination, and regardless of what furniture and interior products you make, we promise you that TRIMIT will make a difference to the performance of your company – and if not, we will tell you! 

Selecting business software can be hard and sometimes a messy process. We make it simple and professional. Talk to us today and learn how.