Secure your business in the TRIMIT safe zone

Selecting the right partner is a key challenge when it comes to business solutions. Finding the right technology platform is another. 

What if you could get the best of both in one package?
You can.

TRIMIT specializes in business solutions for Furniture & Interior, Configuration and Fashion & Apparel.

Our solution helps you manage and grow your business. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, it enhances the world-leading ERP with the business-specific capabilities you need. 

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Will TRIMIT fit my business?

 Whether you’re a wholesaler, retailer, manufacturer or a combination, we know from experience that TRIMIT will make a difference to the performance of your company.

We offer a ‘business solution safe zone

  • A team of specialists with in-depth knowledge and experience in your industry 
  • A robust, industry-specific business application to meet your requirements 
  • Ongoing advisory based on best practices and a solution that is always up-to-date

What does this mean to you?

  •  You don’t have to explain how your industry works to us – we already know 
  • You won’t get stuck on old-fashioned, customized software – we put you on the latest technology, upgrade it automatically and make sure you can always move forward 
  • You get to focus on your business without the worry of exploding cost on budget and maintenance

Feel confident about ERP

Our customers benefit from our role as technology forerunners every single day.

We lift the burden of keeping their business solution up to date off of their shoulders and make it happen automatically when new versions are ready.

You get to rest assured that your business solution will always give you maximum return on your investment and enable your organization to do their daily work in an easier, more efficient way that leads to higher employee satisfaction and improved retention.

The people you want to work with

Our team of 120+ people in 5 countries is our not-so-secret ingredient, dedicated to your success. When speaking to a TRIMIT representative, you will always be met by specialists asking the right questions, challenging you when necessary and providing the right solutions to support your ambitions.

As an extension of our own team, we are proud to also have resellers and partners in several other countries to the benefit of our customers who operate internationally.