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We believe all companies should work with business software developed for their industry.

If you design or manufacture products with multiple configuration options or variations, you know first-hand that solving the unique challenges that come with managing these products requires special tools. We have those tools - not only the competence and skills based on more than three decades in business, but also the leading business solution, designed to deal with the complexities of your industry.

We promise you that TRIMIT will make a difference to the performance of your company.

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TRIMIT has the functionality you needto support your business goals

No matter what sort of configurable or variable product you produce or sell, TRIMIT comes with the functionality you need to manage your products and free up time and resources to grow your business..

Cloud-based solution

TRIMIT is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Centralfor configurable products

TRIMIT is fully embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, one of the most popular business solutions in the world. It is cloud-based and updates automatically. It offers full integration to Office365, PowerApps, and the rest of the Microsoft stack, making it an incredibly compelling total offering.
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Venti initiated a search for a new IT solution due to the lack of effective measurement tools in their existing system, which was outdated and no longer receiving updates. Venti chose TRIMIT, and according to Purchase- and IT Responsible at Venti, Anne Balleby, one of the main reasons was TRIMIT’s configurator

"One of the main reasons we chose TRIMIT was because it has a configurator, which can calculate the percentage of waste in our production. That was of huge importance for our entire process," Anne says.