”TRIMIT has been absolutely essential for our optimization of workflows”

With up to 5000 online orders on a good day and 23 physical stores spread across Norway, the Norwegian clothing brand Stormberg needed a stable and secure system for managing all levels of the logistical parts of their business. Now, TRIMIT is an integral part of Stormberg, saving the employees at all levels a lot of time and manual labor.

Stormberg implemented TRIMIT’s Fashion solution in 2011. Since then, the hiking and leisure clothing company has not looked back. With a substantial growth in employees and an established brand, Stormberg is stronger than ever.

Optimizing all levels of the organization

“Having well-functioning systems that make sure that your business runs smoothly without problems is crucial. This has been one of the main reasons that today, Stormberg is in such a great position in a very competitive market.”

Steinar J. Olsen
Founder and general manager at Stormberg

That is the clear message from the founder and general manager of Stormberg, Steinar J. Olsen. It is safe to say, that Head of Logistics in Stormberg, Jens Christian Iglebæk, agrees:

“We are super thrilled about the TRIMIT solution. It has been absolutely essential in order for us to optimize our whole operation and workflows,” 

Jens Christian Iglebæk
Head of Logistics at Stormberg

The systems have had a large impact on the company in almost every aspect, and especially when it comes to handling their online shop: 

“With the large number of transactions – especially in terms of our eCommerce, where we sometimes get 5000 orders on a good day – it is an enormous amount of sales lines that go through the system. If we did not have the automatic system handling the orders, it would take a lot of employees to do the same job,” Jens Christian explains.

The effective systems are saving manual labor

TRIMIT’s software is the core of Stormberg’s workflows enabling integrations with a lot of other technologies and systems. This helps them manage everything from inventory count to online orders and transactions in the physical stores: 

“All of our data originates and is being stored within the TRIMIT Fashion solution. Everything simply runs completely smooth. For example, TRIMIT makes it possible for us to manage, handle and finish 2-3 online orders in just a matter of minutes,” Jens Christian explains. 

Besides providing effective workflows regarding online orders, the TRIMIT Fashion solution really makes a difference for Stormberg in the physical stores with the integration to Front System and (RFID): 

”It is probably four years ago that we decided to mark all of our products with RFID-labels. This means that when we have to do an inventory count, we can do it all in just 30 minutes. Earlier, this would probably require three employees and two whole days,” 

Jens Christian Iglebæk
Head of Logistics at Stormberg

TRIMIT has halved the need for finance staff

Usually, when a company grows and expands, it is necessary to hire more people in all levels of the organization – including the finance department. However, this has not been the case for Stormberg. Instead, they have made a significant reduction in finance employees thanks to TRIMIT. Finance Manager, Birte L. Pedersen explains:

”When I started working at Stormberg, we were 6,5 fulltime employees handling the economy. But with TRIMIT, it has been possible to optimize a lot regarding our economy systems, meaning that today, we are just three employees handling all aspects of economy in Stormberg.”

Birte L. Pedersen
Finance Manager at Stormberg

We are very happy and excited to be a part of Stormberg’s journey helping them reach their business goals. 

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