We have often experienced that TRIMIT’s people can present solutions and possibilities we would never have thought of

Supports all processes

A firm variant control, a flexible integration of customer orders, and a solid insight into the furniture business terms, are the primary reasons for Montana’s appreciation of the company’s ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (former NAV) and TRIMIT, which supports all of the company’s processes.

Montana is a request.
A request for you to create your very own space, and in that sense realise one of Montana’s five billion possible combinations: functions, colors and shapes – all realised using your creativity as its driving force,” it says on the front page of Montana’s stunning website.
Five billion combinations make heavy demands on the production and order management, 
and this is only possible by using
intelligent IT.

From 100.000 to 100 Item Numbers

“In our previous ERP system, we had 100.000 item numbers registered, but when we changed to TRIMIT it was suddenly possible to reduce that amount to 100,” explains logistics manager Jan Rasmussen from the designer furniture vendor, Montana.

The drastic reduction of item numbers was made possible as TRIMIT easily controls variants throughout the entire solution. The solution supports variant control in all of the processes within the company’s value chain.

The five billion variants are “hidden” behind 100 item numbers, and the system makes sure that an automatic generation of item numbers takes place. The outcome is dependent on whatever parameters and drawings the customer, and sales-person, fill out in the store. “It’s a great help for our production and order management, and this was the main reason that we chose TRIMIT Furniture,” says Jan Rasmussen. 

IT Developed by Industry People

Jan Rasmussen explains: It is obvious that TRIMIT is not a desk system. The consultants from TRIMIT are industry people and production engineers, who know what reality is like for their customers and on the floor of the factories.

We have often experienced that TRIMIT’s people can present solutions and possibilities we would never have thought of.

Common Idea Platform

The special thing about TRIMIT's furniture industry solution is that it is in principle developed by the customers themselves. Montana, together with a large number of customers in the furniture and wood industry, has contributed experience that TRIMIT has incorporated as functions in the solution. It benefits other companies in the industry, which in return have contributed other experiences and so on. 

This is beneficial for other companies in the industry, who also contribute with their experiences, and so forth. The result is a more complete and accurate solution for all parties, as the developmental costs are shared among a vast amount of user companies. In other words, the customers get an individualized industry solution, which also includes all the benefits of the standard system.

About Montana

Montana was founded in 1982 by Peter J. Lassen. After having worked with Fritz Hansen for a number of years, new challenges were needed. These challenges were found in co-operation with the architects Arne Jakobsen and Verner Panton. Through Jørn Utzon’s and Piet Hein’s work, Peter Lassen sharpened his sense of forms, colors, functions, and architecture. All of this was materialized in an entirely new and ground-breaking idea, which is now called Montana. Montana’s production is placed in Haarby in Funen. The production area is 16.000 sqm. 140 employees work in the sales, marketing, design, product development, administration, and production departments. Apart from the factory, Montana also has showrooms in Haarby and in Copenhagen