How does ERP help in manufacturing?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an obvious fit for a company with its own manufacturing department, given the many processes that must occur daily. ERP systems like TRIMIT increase organizational efficiency by managing and improving how a company’s resources are utilized.

Some of the benefits of ERP for manufacturing companies are automating processes, mitigating risks, real-time reporting, the ability to quickly adapt to outside disruption, improving the supply chain, and providing better service to customers. 

Variant Management and Overview

Modern production often needs to be able to handle a large number of variants - completely according to customer-specific requirements. This often places heavy demands on the creation and maintenance of item numbers, bills of material (BOMs), and production management - whether production takes place locally or if you have outsourced production.

Flexibility & Control

Costs must be at a minimum - at the same time, you need to meet the high demands on flexibility and clarity.

TRIMIT is a software solution that ties production with order, purchase, inventory, customer service, finance, and reporting.

Whether you have local production or outsourced production, TRIMIT helps you maintain control, minimize costs and ensure vital flexibility.

11 Useful Manufacturing Features

  • Order, project, and stock production 
  • A direct relation between sales and purchase order 
  • Variant Management 
  • Automatic creation of BOMs from order configuration 
  • Demand Planning - by MRP 
  • Capacity and Bottleneck management 
  • Tracking 
  • Document management, i.e. drawings and certificates 
  • Data Capture for shop floor 
  • Pre- and Post-calculation 
  • Generic BOMs