“TRIMIT improved our overview considerably and increased our everyday efficiency, so much that we can serve a great many more customers,”
says Anna Søndergaard, the company’s owner.

The perfect solution for a growing fashion company

After having looked long and hard for a new IT system, Becksöndergaard had postponed its search when it came upon the TRIMIT solution for fashion and apparel. It turned out to be the perfect solution.

Becksöndergaard is already one of the hottest names in the accessories industry, and, with Dynamics NAV/ 365 Business Central from TRIMIT, they have a solution that can support them even if they grow ten times bigger.

Special challenges of the fashion business

“We have a great number of variants. We’re a stockholding company, and all the functions, like distribution invoicing and order handling, are handled in-house.

Besides this, we have so many small orders and invoices that an intelligent and flexible IT system is critical. TRIMIT functions well. It’s fast to work in, easy to enter information, and the shortcuts function well – you can actually do everything without touching the mouse.” -Anna Søndergaard, Owner of Becksöndergaard

Always an overview of what’s in stock

Søndergaard says that, in addition to the easy usability, TRIMIT controls their stock, so they can always see when items are coming in and going out. With that insight, they don’t tie too many items down longer than necessary in the warehouse.

She calls it a sophisticated tool for their sales agents because, among other things, it can tell them what will be in stock on a future date. In this way, agents always know how much they can sell, what is out of stock, and when they can deliver various items.

A tried-and-tested system

We were growing super-fast, so we decided to look for a long-term solution that we could continue to grow with as much as we needed to. We did a major market survey asking around in many places.

We wanted a system that was established and wouldn’t go off the market, and we didn’t want to risk the prospect of getting stuck without being able to update, Søndergaard says. But standard systems weren’t especially tailored to our industry – among other things, they couldn’t manage inventory variants.

So, it looked like we would have to use a lot of money on customizations if we went with a standard system, she says. A solution like that would have also forced us to think everything through in advance, but we change all the time.

We don’t know what our company will be like in a few years’ time, she says. That’s why BeckSöndergaard put their plans on hold. But later, we heard about TRIMIT’s fashion IT, and it turned out to be the perfect solution for us.

Developed for the fashion industry

A great many people from the fashion industry were involved in the development of TRIMIT so the special challenges of our business, in particular variant handling, were already solved. What’s more, TRIMIT had a lot of good industry references, and, finally, the system was scalable. Yes, the day we found TRIMIT was a happy day, Søndergaard says.

Taking Advantage of All the Possibilities

Becksöndergaard chose to have one worker, none other than their owner, Anna Søndergaard, received training from TRIMIT in the system. And she is so comfortable with the system that she can teach all the other employees how to take advantage of its many possibilities.

“It’s proven to be the right way forward for us! We’ve found that we’ve gotten a lot out of the system without having to send all the employees on an expensive two-week course.”

Anna Søndergaard, Owner of Becksöndergaard

About Becksöndergaard

Becksöndergaard has four collections per year with bags, wallets, belts, leather and knit goods, scarves and more. The company designs them and has them produced in Asia or Italy. They then sell them to both smaller and larger fashion and department stores. A collection typically consists of 60-70 styles, many of which can include as many as 15 colors.