Product information repository

Improve Availability & Integrity
of Product Information across the Enterprise

A 10% increase in data accessibility can help a Fortune 1000 company generate up to $65 million in additional income.

What new milestones can you achieve with an overview of all your product information in one place, seamless synching of this data with your myriad systems and effortless management without double entries? 

 TRIMIT PIR (Product Information Repository) is a web based solution that helps various channels utilize data to serve buyers better.


  • Mature Data Utilization.
    If updates stay locked in a system other channels can’t leverage them to answer customer queries and drive more purchases. PIR enables enterprise wide data utilization from one platform.
  • Effortless Management & Sharing. Content added to the PIR is automatically synched with all systems reflecting changes without double entries.
  • Overview of Multi-Format Content. Users can create, synchronize and track product specs, marketing data, media files and look books.