Instore shop

Boost Profits with Personalized Product Choices & Improved Order Fulfilment

55% of buyers are willing to pay more for better customer experience. 75% of purchasers seek personalized offers.

TRIMIT InStore capitalizes on both advantages.

Centralize and synch your data in real time, make it available to reps on a tablet, allow them to leverage past transaction details to offer personalized shopping assistance and delight buyers by helping them order items from the digital repository, even if the products aren’t present in the store.


  • Omni-Channel Experience. InStore unifies physical and digital shop inventories. Customers can order an item from the digital repository if the physical store doesn’t have the product.
  • Improved Rep Awareness. InStore centralizes data streams and synchs updates letting reps accurately satisfy buyer queries about availability, color or size.
  • True Personalization. InStore suggests personalized alternatives, up-sells and cross-sells to buyers leveraging data and transaction histories.