CRM & Claims

Good Service is Key

Good service is important to get the order - but good after-sales service is the key to keep getting more orders. All your information is already in TRIMIT, so you can use the system as a foundation to serve your customers - whether it is to announce an expected delivery time or to handle a failed delivery.

TRIMIT gives you a constant and accurate overview of where the customer's order is and when the customer can expect delivery.

TRIMIT has built functionality to handle returns and ensure timely response to this towards the customer.

Analyze and Improve

TRIMIT saves information about the causes and explanations for the return which can be used for statistics, supplier follow-up, etc.

3 Useful CRM & Claims Features

  • Returns and claims handling
    -Registration of causes and solutions
    -Statistics on returns and claims 
  • Queries
  • Web-based B2B Webshop for inquiries