B2C Webshop

Easily Serve Global Customers - 24/7
Across All Channels for Greater Profits

Being omni-channel retains 89% of customers. But there’s a catch - You have to monitor several touch points, export copious data and update it frequently.

TRIMIT B2C Webshop is an integrated solution that works with Microsoft Dynamics BC to eliminate these hassles.

Consolidate and leverage user data to take informed decisions, maintain a web store and reflect information changes in real time – all with pre-built functionalities.

Global presence just got easier.


  • Omni-Channel Ease. Helps you be where your customers are to improve responsiveness and revenue.
  • Rich Features. Gives you much more than a simple web page. Enjoy standard checkout, wish lists, payment processing and customer loyalty programs.
  • Seamless ERP Integration. No bugs or complications. Export product and line information to all customer facing channels from the same dashboard
  • Brand Alignment. Fully customizable web store and social presence for a robust omni-channel strate