Who We are 

TRIMIT Group is made up of great people.
We are an international team of more than 120 highly specialized employees in Denmark, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

We represent the world we live in, and we celebrate our diversity in backgrounds and cultures. We are ambitious and successful as individuals, but we understand that no-one is more important than the team.

We act local with global outlook, and our teams collaborate across borders to deliver world-class services to our customers and to help keep ourselves on our toes and get better at what we do. We apply the right people to the right tasks, and we always keep our customer’s best interest at the center of what we do. 

The trust our customers put in us drives our dedication to their success. We get a kick out of working with some of the most creative people in some of the most creative industries, and our customers reward us with year-long, progressing partnerships.


The company is established

The company is established under the name CORNATOR


A ‘real’ office opens in Viborg, Denmark


We launch our own webshop and portal product


Industry Vertical Partner of the Year

Microsoft awards us “Industry Vertical Partner of the Year”.


Microsoft awards us “Partner of the Year”

Microsoft awards us “Partner of the Year”


We split the company into CORNATOR and TRIMIT


Establishment of our Partner Network begins


We start our own company in Norway


We start our own company in the Netherlands


The TRIMIT product is launched on Microsoft AppSource


CORNATOR and TRIMIT is rebranded under the TRIMIT name

We acquire HSG Hanse Solution from Germany


We act responsibly as a group and as individuals. We care about the world we live in, and we recognize that we all have a responsibility for preserving it.

Our work with corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is an essential part of our identity and plays a dominant role in our decisions. We believe that any change must start with ourselves, and by taking a clear stand and doing an effort we hope to be able to also inspire others to do the same.

We are proud to see our customers take serious measures to ensure a more sustainable future, and we consider the work we do with them to manage this from a systems point of view to be some of our most important work