About the Company TRIMIT

Offering Gold Standard Industry-Specific Functionalities for
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to
"Do More Business with Less Ressources"

Experience Counts. Attention Counts. And Revisions Make a Product Better

Founded in 1990, TRIMIT, a Danish Independent Software Vendor (ISV) has incorporated feedback from dozens of market leaders to develop a trio of revolutionary Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for the fashion, furniture, and configuration niches.

TRIMIT enjoys a market reputation as a progressive, agile and customer conscious company that simplifies complicated business workflows with a roster of easy to use and highly effective pre-built features.

Advantages like handling of variants, automatic creation of production orders, seamless automation of manual processes, webshops and bird’s eye view of supply chain interactions ensure that you can do more with less resources and reap greater profits.

All without needing to worry about tedious implementations, endless customizations and constant, costly upgrades!

Our Legacy in Numbers

Years of Industry
in one Solution

This is What We Value. This is Who We Are

Culture of Excellence

A Culture of Excellence

TRIMIT is a company that doesn’t believe in resting on its laurels. We continuously upgrade products and hone our skills through incorporation of feedback from industry leaders and with respected certifications like the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD).

Complete Collaboration

Complete Collaboration

TRIMIT doesn’t fly solo. We are particular about staying in constant touch with our network of international clients and partners whose suggestions and recommendations are carefully evaluated and then implemented for products that deliver beyond expectations.

Genius in Simplicy

Genius in Simplicity

Businesses in fashion, furniture and configuration already have a lot on their plates. TRIMIT's sole purpose is to help these ventures do more business with less resources. Our solutions have simple interfaces encouraging adoption and they come with pre-built functionalities that automate critical processes to reduce administrative drag.

Tangible Results

Tangible Results

TRIMIT is all about out of the box results and not staying stuck in deployment! We design solutions that deliver immediate value. TRIMIT partners take time to understand your business and tailor the roll-out to solve the problems that you are grappling with!

Client Convenience

Client Convenience

You the client are the VIP in this relationship. Our end goal is to streamline complicated workflows and give you advantages that actually boost your bottom-line. From ensuring that solutions always work with the latest version of MS Dynamics to facilitating no cost and timely upgrades, we go the distance to give you the results you seek.

Our Partners. Your Helpers

TRIMIT has given customer experience and satisfaction priority over other agendas. We have assembled a network of hand-picked partners who offer the TRIMIT solutions to clients in different niches.

Why do we rely on partners?

We want to guarantee speedy deployment, in-depth consultation, on the money advice and stellar after sales service for each and every client and given the popularity of our solutions, it is almost impossible to maintain such high standards across the globe without taking on additional help.

TRIMIT partners are carefully selected and vetted as per stringent value, commitment and competence criteria. They are long term associates who reflect the same passion for growing buyer revenue as us, the parent brand.

Today we have partners in 14 countries who serve more than 400 companies worldwide.

Our Industry Solutions

TRIMIT is not about one size fits all software solutions. Based on our decades old industry relations, we have developed and refined three Microsoft Dynamics 365 software solutions that bring to the table benefits like out of the box webshops and agent portals, elimination of data redundancy and errors, snapshots of supplier interactions, transparency in outsourcing and automation of repetitive manual tasks for the fashion, furniture, and manufacturing process sectors.

Our Certifications

As a part of our culture of excellence motto, we invest in updating our industry knowledge and augmenting our skills through participation in various elite Microsoft programs.

TRIMIT is a MS Gold Partner

Gold Certified Microsoft Partner

The company TRIMIT is a gold certified Microsoft partner displaying best in class capabilities for its service area of vertical ERP software.

TRIMIT Powered by Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft ISV Company & Embed Partner

TRIMIT solutions aren’t third party alien wares that tamper with the foundation of your ERP system. They are fully integrated with the Dynamics Business Central framework.

Get TRIMIT from Microsoft App Source

Microsoft AppSource

The TRIMIT solutions are available on Microsoft AppSource for both cloud and on-premises.


Our Memberships

TRIMIT is a member of Microsoft's Technology Adoption Program (TAP) and Microsoft's Agile Customer Engagement initiative (ACE) to support our quest of successfully serving client needs through collaboration by offering pre-release product reviews by experts and facilitating post release engagement with buyers.