• More than 300 companies worldwide use TRIMIT to optimize their businesses

  • We are looking for new partners!

  • TRIMIT is a complete ERP package tailored to three specific industries

Industry specific IT based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Solutions by industry:

More than 6,000 users already benefit from TRIMIT to do more business with less ressources

We recognised that Dynamics NAV with TRIMIT would be the best fit for our requirements. With Microsoft investing heavily in its software, we have confidence that we are getting a solution that feasibly could be the last ERP system we would ever need to buy

Pantherella, United Kingdom

TRIMIT Fashion gives us better control of our processes as well as quick and reliable overview on a daily basis. Microsoft Dynamics NAV and TRIMIT Fashion match the way we work very well

Boomerang, Sweden

We are looking for new partners!

For almost 25 years, we have been successful with a focused, vertical approach based on Dynamics NAV. Besides a great product, our partner program includes everything you need to become a success in your market.

We see an increasing demand for TRIMIT, and we need more partners to help us keep up with the demand and get TRIMIT out to more customers in more countries.

Interested? Read more about how to become a TRIMIT Partner or fill in our Partner Application Form.

TRIMIT is looking for new partners
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