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ERP system - business software for fashion

In order to run a successful fashion business, you need to keep track of all kinds of data from fabrics, styles, several new collections a year, to sales, manufacturing, warehousing etc.

An aging IT system or multiple siloed IT systems can make it difficult to gain meaningful insights and view into your business data.

Why not make your day easier, more efficient, and profitable by using a single industry-specific business software?

TRIMIT Fashion is a fashion business software that helps you manage and grow your business. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central it works by enhancing the world-leading ERP with the fashion-specific capabilities you need.

Don't settle for less. Enjoy the advantage of a business software for the apparel and fashion industry.

TRIMIT Fashion based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Dynamics 365 Business Central
industry experience and knowledge

Industry Knowledge

TRIMIT Fashion is a robust software solution that has been tweaked several times on the inputs of market leaders.

scalable software solution

Scalable Solution

The TRIMIT Fashion solution yields results right away yet is flexible enough to scale and support your company in growth mode!

zero cost upgrade

Ongoing evolution

TRIMIT Fashion is continuously further developed. Upgrades are made available to all customers giving you the latest technology.

Flexible deployment options

Flexible Deployment

TRIMIT Fashion fits into your environment no matter what you prefer - on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid.

Half the Work, Double the Profits

TRIMIT Fashion has been revolutionising the way fashion and apparel companies conduct business since 1990 and the software solution comes with the huge advantage of built-in industry-specific experience.

TRIMIT Fashion is primed to deliver on its promise of half the work and double the profits with:

  • Optimization and automation of manual processes
  • Complete control of product variants
  • Overviews of processes from design to delivery
  • First-rate international PDM
  • Easy correlation and visualization of data and key figures
  • Creation and management of detailed Bill of Material
  • Real time data and inventory updates
  • Seamless Microsoft Office Integration
  • Parameter adjusted customizations 
  • No hassle, fast implementation

TRIMIT Fashion extends and enhances the familiar and easy-to-use experience that is shared across many Microsoft products, and we always support the latest version of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

See our roadmap.

Explore TRIMIT Fashion’s Rich Features

Whether you produce your own fashion line, are a private label or contract manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer, TRIMIT Fashion comes with the functionality you need to support your business model. Even made-to-measure and custom orders as well as services like logo placement and embroidery are covered.

In today's world, change is the norm rather than the exception, and your business model may change over time. Don't just go for any fashion ERP software solution. Choose a flexible business software for your fashion, apparel or footwear company. A solution that keeps supporting your business no matter the strategy and focus.

TRIMIT Fashion Fact Sheet

TRIMIT Certifications

TRIMIT is a MS Gold Partner

Gold Certified Microsoft Partner

The company TRIMIT is a gold certified Microsoft partner displaying best in class capabilities for its service area of vertical ERP software.

TRIMIT Powered by Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft ISV Company & Embed Partner

TRIMIT solutions aren’t third party alien wares that tamper with the foundation of your ERP system. They are fully integrated with the Dynamics Business Central framework.

Get TRIMIT from Microsoft App Source

Microsoft AppSource

The TRIMIT solutions are available on Microsoft AppSource for both cloud and on-premises.

Success Stories from Our Customers

TRIMIT Fashion is successfully used by creative and innovative brands that work with fashion goods such as apparel, footwear, leather, sportswear, and fashion accessories. These are some of our many success stories.

baby's clothing and children's clothing by apparel company Imps & Elfs

The Magical Helper of Imps & Elfs

When popular children’s clothing brand Imps&Elfs needed to streamline and simplify its complex outsourcing and production management software, it chose TRIMIT Fashion.

TRIMIT offered the company a single platform that replaced different in-house and third party solutions with an ERP environment boasting extensive features like out of the box webshops and portals for sales agents, shops, and suppliers.

clothes by apparel and fashion company Mos Mosh

Optimizing Sales for Mos Mosh

TRIMIT Fashion helped out international brand Mos Mosh with its growing tally of orders. The webshop capability allowed bulk re-orders to be placed without bringing sales agents into the picture. The easy overview feature ensured timely delivery and the up to date inventory eliminated the prospect of unfilled orders.

Mos Mosh admits to being more profitable with a proactive sales department because TRIMIT has successfully automated manual backend processes.

clutches by fashion brand Dixie

Making Business Easier for Dixie

There is no need to fill out order forms. The data is updated in real time and on auto-pilot. Inventory management with minimal maintenance is as simple as 1-2-3. Electronic catalogues drive additional sales. And most importantly there is no room for error in the automated, simplified business setting. TRIMIT Fashion has achieved all this and a lot more for Dixie.

Praise for TRIMIT Fashion

We are now working more efficiently than ever before. If we were to make the decision again, we would definitely choose TRIMIT Fashion again.

- SPORT 2000

We were on the verge of choosing another very well-known Fashion IT solution, but when we were introduced to TRIMIT Fashion, we were soon convinced that this was a far better solution for us.

- Hunky Dory

We went looking for a standard ERP system built on industry knowledge. With TRIMIT Fashion we found all the fashion knowhow we were looking for.

- MnO International

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