TRIMIT 2018 Is Here

February 16, 2018

We are proud to announce the release of TRIMIT 2018, the latest iteration of the leading, industry specific business solution for companies in the fashion, furniture and configuration industries.

Industry Knowledge

"With TRIMIT 2018, we add further strength to an already great solution", said Richard Postborg, CEO of TRIMIT. "We have always based our solution on input from our customers, and with TRIMIT 2018 we add more than 55 new NAV features that links directly back to ideas we have received from users of our product".

More than 17,000 hours of development time goes into TRIMIT every year, making it one of the fastest evolving solutions in the Microsoft Dynamics eco-system. TRIMIT 2018 further expands on one of its most unique features, the built-in suite of e-commerce products for B2B, B2C, Sales Agents, and Suppliers.

Configuration - Also Online

"While TRIMIT is fully open to integrate with any e-commerce solution a customer would prefer, we believe in the strength of having our own offering", said Jesper Bech, TRIMIT Head of Product Management. "We invest heavily in exploring new ways to use our combined product, and with TRIMIT 2018 we are proud to bring visual configuration to the market together with hundreds of improvements cross our e-commerce platform".

Since the very first version of TRIMIT, product configuration has been one of its core assets. With TRIMIT 2018, the seamless interaction between TRIMIT and our e-commerce offering gives us the opportunity to visually configure product on e.g. our B2B portal, based on the business logic that is already built into the ERP solution.

"We haven't seen anything else on the market where this is possible in the smooth way that we offer it now", said Richard Postborg. "More and more product types are customized to the individual customer, and our customers can now both have a great customer experience online for product configuration and manage everything in the backend ERP".

Most e-commerce solutions today require deep knowledge of web technologies to implement changes. TRIMIT 2018 includes a new Theme Changer feature that allows for changes in look and feel on a web portal without having to write a single line of code. This way, users can quickly implement changes to their webshop and even schedule theme changes at a specific time or for a specific campaign.

On the backend ERP, TRIMIT 2018 also brings a large number of new features. Among them are new features in the Intercompany feature and the built-in emailing feature. The MRP feature, Item Replacement, and Item Replication features has also been changed and added to the release.

Partners Are Ready

"Our partners can't wait to get their hands on the new version of TRIMIT. We have shown the new features to our partners in webinars during the development period, and now they can bring the new version out to their customers", said Troels Rasmussen, TRIMIT Head of Sales. "We have shown some of the new features to some of our customers and potential customers, and their feedback has been great".

Richard Postborg concluded: "We are incredibly proud of TRIMIT 2018. We think it's the best version we have had in our 28 years in business, and we look forward to bringing TRIMIT forward in many years to come."

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