Theming in TRIMIT Webshops & Portals

November 27, 2017

For the upcoming version of TRIMIT, we are working on replacing the out-of-the-box themes in the webshops and portals with new and more modern themes. We want to make it even easier to adjust or replace these themes to fit the look and feel of a customer's brand.

Specifically this means that:

  • The TRIMIT webshops and portals will share styles
  • Old themes will be replaced with new out-of-the-box themes
  • We will add a theme changer page
  • We will add theme scheduling

In the following, we will have a closer look at these changes to the webshops and portals.

Shared Styles

We are working on bringing the B2C and our other webshops and portals in line so they share styles. This will give a greater consistency across the webshops and portals.

New Themes

We will replace the old out-of-the-box themes for our webshops and portals with new and more modern themes. These themes can be used as a starting point for new themes, reducing the implementation time of a new webshop or portal considerably.

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Theme Changer Page

We will add a theme changer page. With this page, no coding ability is needed in order to make changes to the themes. A webshop or portal administrator can enter new colors, font sizes etc. without seeing the actual style sheet.

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Theme Scheduling

In addition to making it easier to change themes, we will also add the option to schedule a theme change. This means that it will be possible to schedule a change of the background color, fonts, button color etc. for a special event, a new promotion, or new marketing strategies.

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theming in TRIMIT webshops and portals


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