Product Configuration in TRIMIT B2B Webshop for Next Release

April 20, 2017

Going forth to the 2018 version of TRIMIT, the Portal Team is looking into and working with online product configuration in various forms. The goal is to give end customers who use the B2B webshop a set of options that makes it easy for them to customize products and make orders directly on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

One part of the Portal Team's work with the product configuration, is to align capabilities from the existing TRIMIT VarDim Order (Variants and Dimensions) in NAV with an online configuration model. The objective is to ensure that formulas, sub ordinates and additional variant prices are working fully 1:1.

Beta Project with Venti

To get the best feedback on development, TRIMIT is running a beta project with Venti, one of our Danish customers. Venti is an innovative company that has developed, produced and sold products for the ventilation and plumbing industry since 1973. Today, Venti works actively on extending their business to business activities to also include online ordering. 

In addition to the very technical implementation, the beta project also has a strong focus on the online user experience. The goal is to have a platform where B2B users can easily complete relatively complex configuration orders on their own instead of having to contact the sales back office. This will free up time in the company while at the same time giving customers:

  • An option to customize their orders
  • The possibility to make orders 24/7
  • A better user experience

The project target is to have a solution up and running for Venti at least 6 months before the 2018 release of TRIMIT, thus ensuring that the product configuration is released with a proven live experience as validation.

More Info

To find out more about the B2B please see the page B2B Webshop or contact us by filling in the form below to schedule a demo.

For more information about Venti, please see their website

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