Platform for SaaS Reviews Bestows Top ERP Software Recognitions to TRIMIT Fashion

January 30, 2018

TRIMIT Fashion was recently analyzed by FinancesOnline, a reputable business software directory that helps businesses and organizations make an informed decision on selecting the best software systems for their needs. After conducting an extensive review on TRIMIT Fashion, they awarded us their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards as they believe our software efficiently fulfills the needs of businesses in the fashion industry.

User Experience Award 2018
Rising Star Award, 2018

In their review, TRIMIT Fashion was described as a “comprehensive end-to-end business optimization software solution” that can help businesses not only easily work smarter and automate their manual tasks, but also increase profits gained. This is why TRIMIT Fashion was recognized with the Great User Experience award for the most popular types of ERP software, as it is given to software systems that are well-designed and intuitive in facilitating the work process. With our software specifically designed for the fashion industry, users can rest assured that TRMIT Fashion can help you efficiently manage and optimize your business from design to delivery.

Managing and creating custom web shops and portals on a unified platform, automating laborious manual tasks, and receiving real-time data and inventory updates are some of TRIMIT Fashion’s functionalities that FinancesOnline highlighted in their review. Managing one’s bill of materials is also a breeze, according to FinancesOnline, as TRIMIT Fashion “streamlines all your processes at every stage.”

Similarly, TRIMIT Fashion received the Rising Star award, a distinction reserved to software solutions that have resoundingly become a trusted brand by customers. Software systems that receive this recognition are perceived to be efficient in providing solutions to problems that users encounter. This recognition is vetted by TRIMIT Fashion’s inclusion in FinancesOnline’s top 15 ERP software list and outstandingly high 100 percent user satisfaction rating.

These recognitions prove that our software is on track in providing an unmatched ERP software, and we encourage our users to share how TRIMIT Fashion helped you solve specific challenges you encountered.

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You can find more information about our ERP software solution for the fashion and apparel industry on the page TRIMIT Fashion, or you can request a demo to see what a TRIMIT Solution can do for your company.

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