Online Visual Product Configurator for Next TRIMIT Release

May 1, 2017

In the next version of TRIMIT, we are releasing an online visual product configurator that can be used with virtually all types of products. The product configurator will be available in both the B2B Webshop and the Sales Agent Portal.

Customers like to see what they are buying and with this new functionality, your sales people and customers can configure, customize and compose the perfect product. All their sections of variants, materials, colors, and accessories are immediately reflected in the real-time preview of the product.


The visual product configurator allows you to:

  • Work directly in TRIMIT without the use of third party software for visual configuration.
  • Improve sales efficiency by enabling your sales people and customers quickly and accurately build products.
  • Automatically create detailed quotes and bills of materials (BOMs) from a visual design.
  • Eliminate design and production errors for make-to-order, build-to-order, and configure-to-order products.

Simple Beta Example

Here you can see a very simple beta example of the visual product configurator used for placement of a logo.

Changing colors, adding one or more images to the product and resizing them is easy.

Visual Product Configuration in TRIMIT

More Info

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