FRUIT Chooses TRIMIT Fashion

June 22, 2017

TRIMIT is proud to welcome FRUIT as a new TRIMIT Fashion customer!

The Swedish apparel distributor FRUIT has selected TRIMIT Fashion as its new ERP solution and TRIMIT Partner EVRY as its implementation partner.

FRUIT stocks, distributes and markets internationally known brands for the Scandinavian promotional and corporate wear markets. Its extensive assortment spans from functional jackets to basic t-shirts. The company represents several of Europe's leading brands.

Clothing brands represented by FRUIT, a TRIMIT Fashion & Dynamics NAV ERP customer

Brands represented by FRUIT

With TRIMIT Fashion, FRUIT will be able to configure styles including all details necessary for its production while still having the entire product lifecycle flow in one single software solution.


In 1989 two Swedish businessmen were paid with t-shirts by a customer who was short on money. The t-shirts were sent from Tanzania to Sweden where they were sold. Unfortunately, the quality was poor.

The businessmen started learning about sewing and clothing and they became textile consultants. The looked for high quality shirts and found Fruit of the Loom. They got the rights to sell the brand on the Swedish market for promotional wear.

In 2006, Anders and Johan Strand, the sons of one of the founders, took over the company. Over the years, they have added many successful brands such as Russel, Stormtech, and Beechfield.

The company is focused on further development and growth. In recent years, it has enhanced its level of expertise, level of service as well as making delivery even faster.

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Find out more about FRUIT on the website:

For more information about EVRY, TRIMIT partner in Sweden, please visit the website:

Information about our software solution for the fashion industry is available on the page TRIMIT Fashion.

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