Easily Upload Multiple Images in PIR

June 1, 2017

We have just updated the portal package for TRIMIT 2017. Besides correcting some minor portal issues, we have added a new time-saving feature for the PIR (Product Information Repository).

The PIR is an online repository where you can manage all your product information across multiple channels. The dashboard in PIR contains docks that can be enabled or disabled according to your individual needs.

TRIMIT PIR Dashboard. Online Product Information Repository

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Especially images are used extensively across channels. In order to make it easy for you to upload multiple images, we have added "Upload Product Images” to the dock "Products".

Products Dock in TRIMIT PIR

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This item opens a page where you or any other portals content editor can easily upload multiple picture files. The images can be uploaded by either drag and drop or by navigating and selecting the files.

After an upload, the system will distribute images to the right folders automatically. If an image is not named correctly or for some reason could not be processed, the tool allows you to move it manually, rename the file or simply delete it again. So in short, all image file management in one place.

Upload Multiple Images in TRIMIT PIR

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With this feature, it is no longer necessary to open the admin interface for upload of multiple picture files.

More Info

For more information about the PIR, please see the page Product Information Repository.

Product Information Repository. Easily manage product information across multiple channels


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