Congratulations to Tom Hedegaard on 25 years with TRIMIT

June 1, 2019

It is not an everyday event to celebrate 25 years anniversary in an IT company. That is, however, exactly what Tom Hedegaard can do when he on June 1st, 2019 can look back at a quarter of a century with TRIMIT and sister company CORNATOR.

Richard Postborg, CEO of TRIMIT, congratulates Tom: “Tom was one of the first employees in the group, and over the past 25 years he has been a fundamental part of the group around the TRIMIT product. His wealth of experience and knowledge, his working attitude and good mood, makes him the natural person for the rest of the team to go to for help. I congratulate him with his 25 years anniversary, and we all look forward to working with Tom for many more years to come.”

Tom himself is obviously happy to work at TRIMIT. When asked directly, he has no doubt that it has a lot to do with the culture of the company.

”TRIMIT and CORNATOR has always been a place with a very flat organizational structure. The open-door policy makes people here thrive. That is at least one of the reasons I am still here.”

A unique spirit

During the 25 years, the IT industry has been through massive changes, and according to Tom, TRIMIT has been good at adapting and has kept an agile view of the world. And yet, some things haven’t changed.

”I think we have been able to keep the special spirit of the company”, Tom explains. “That is also why there are so many of us who have stayed here for many years. I believe the unity and strength we have is a root course of why we have survived, even during the years where it wasn’t easy being an IT vendor and where many others either got acquired or otherwise capitulated.”

This unique spirit is also expressed in the social community of the company. ” When you have been here for this long, it becomes almost like a family,” says Tom. “We have always been a social company. We have a staff association who is always good at keeping people together across the company. We have several yearly get-togethers plus regular smaller events, lectures and entertainment. It’s good working conditions.”

Many different roles over the years

25 years ago, Tom was originally hired as a financial consultant where he went to customers and set up their finance and customer/vendor management. During his first year he was also part of developing a bank system to manage bank payments, and he has held the role of business consultant for production management, primarily in the furniture industry.

“We were 7 people here when I joined”, Tom says. “So, we wore many different hats. As time passed by I gradually became more and more involved in the process of developing TRIMIT.”

In the same period, a lot also happened in the company itself. Tom joined CORNATOR as a 31-year old, and today he works in TRIMIT. In 2008 the company CORNATOR was split into two, and TRIMIT took over the development of the TRIMIT solution, with CORNATOR continuing as the Danish partner and reseller. When that happened, Tom moved over to TRIMIT. “I found that I wanted the development part more”, Tom explains.

Keeps the TRIMIT solution ready for the future

The development part is exactly what Tom has been doing ever since, and although he picked up the title of Team Leader he still primarily works with the development of the TRIMIT solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

”I work with the development, and specifically with focus on new and upcoming versions and our ability to deliver localized versions to our international partners,” says Tom. “Much of my daily work is keeping up to speed with new things from Microsoft and keeping a close dialogue with them, so we can be sure that our product at any given time is ready for what may come our way in the future.”

”Every time Microsoft releases a new feature or new technologies we follow along and make sure TRIMIT works,” says Tom. “That’s actually where I spend the most of my time – making sure TRIMIT keeps working and that our customers can upgrade to the latest versions.”

25 years in, you could think that work would become just repetitive, but Tom has chosen a line of work that never stands still.

“I enjoy being in an industry with constant changes and news,” says Tom. “We try all the time to use it to make our product better and I find it really appealing to be challenged and pushed a little all the time.”

Experienced and younger forces in a good mix

It’s evident that this thing about developing yourself and learning new things is one of the secrets behind Tom’s work joy. And even though he has more experience than most in TRIMIT, he always looks forward to welcoming new, younger colleagues.

“Fortunately, we have been good at attracting young people over the years, which means that we have good mix of those of us with long experience and younger people that bring a lot of new skills that the rest of us can learn from. That makes all of us better.”

Changes over the past 25 years?

If you ask Tom, TRIMIT has been able to follow the development also when it comes to business culture. Not only related to the many shifts in technology, but also related to customer expectations.

”The people who buy our products know and expect much more today than they did 20 years ago,” he says. “You need to be on your toes to keep up with the customers and their requirements. They know what they want, so you need to be smarter today, or they will find some other place. We must be pretty good at that since we are still successful and has year after year with record turnovers.”

So, whatever happens for Tom in the next 25 years, he will get a lot of exciting challenges and hopefully many more good years with TRIMIT.

Tom Hedegaard

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