Need For Measurement Tools Kicks Off Search

Purchase- and IT Responsible at Venti, Anne Balleby says, we started looking for an IT solution, because we were missing measurement tools.

We had actually built quite a lot of tools into the old system, but it would be difficult to just keep on developing on them. Furthermore, it was a system that wasn’t going to be updated, so we were well aware that we had to start looking for new solutions,

The Configurator is Crucial

One of the main reasons we chose TRIMIT was because it has a configurator, which can calculate the percentage of waste in our production. That was of huge importance for our entire process.

Inspiration between customers

The fact that TRIMIT develops in collaboration with customers is really important to us. There might be a customer sitting in the opposite end of the country who has a solution that’s perfect for us. But we would never have a chance of hearing about them if not for the fact that TRIMIT is great at making opportunities like that visible.

Smooth Implementation

The TRIMIT implementation surpassed all our expectations. One hears stories about implementation projects that can actually bring a company down. We chose to run two systems in parallel for one week, but it actually only took one week running them in parallel before we decided on TRIMIT.

Søren Lindahl Klausen CEO, Venti 

Finance Integration Important For Overview

The integration of finance functionality is actually really important for us because it enables us to always see, where we are at any given time in the month. We know where we stand in relation to our goals, costs versus sales and where we actually are in the process with regard to budget. That was a critical decision factor, Søren says.

Full Overview and Better Prioritization

Moving towards paperless production has really been a fundamental improvement for us. In the past, we had a great number of printouts and order notes and all kinds of papers associated with production, which could easily be lost and cause other problems. Today we have around 10 screens divided across the entire production, which give us a much better overview. Plus, we can go in and prioritize the various production tasks.

Better on-the-spot Customer Service

TRIMIT is crucial for the service we can provide on the spot. Many customers call to check how far we are with the order. They want to know if we can add one more piece to the order, or if we can add a new item, which would then need to be put in production. With TRIMIT, we don’t have to move away from the phone and go to production. We can tell the customer where we are in the process right there on the spot. Søren Lindahl Klausen CEO, Venti

Scanners in the Stock Room bring Clear Benefits

Working with scanners in our stock room brings some obvious benefits. We always know where an item is located. We’re never in doubt where to pick it from, and it’s easy to learn how to use them, too. At any given time, I could take a random person from the street and be able to teach them how to scan items in just 10 minutes.

Coverage Analyzer is a Big Plus

If I were to choose one thing that I am personally most happy with in TRIMIT, it would have to be my coverage analyzer. Not only does it give me an overview of the individual items and what the cost-benefit is for them, but also what it is for the individual customers. This has helped us a lot in prioritizing our daily work.

A Good Partnership with TRIMIT

After working together with TRIMIT for many years, we only have positive things to say about the collaboration. In the period where we worked with TRIMIT, we haven’t had a single thing to complain about – yes, it’s all been totally positive.