GripGrab with new solutions from Continia & TRIMIT

GripGrab who designs and develops gloves and clothing equipment for cycling and running is working at full speed. There is so much speed that GripGrabs CFO Jacob Schulz Jørgensen began to investigate if the company could do something to work even more efficiently, to better keep up. 

The piles of paper disappeared

One of the first things Jacob looked at was the piles of paper that rose in pace with the bustle. With the papers came a long row of manual and time-consuming tasks.

80 % of the job is done

The piles of paper consisted, among other, of invoices for expenses that required approval by various employees internally at GripGrab. Accounts assistant Majken Hallgrimsson used a lot of time placing all the different invoices at the right coworkers. Following up on and making sure everybody replied so the invoices got paid on time, was also very time-consuming.

“This is now handled with Continia’s Document Capture and Expense Management. When invoices are sent to our “invoice-mail address” they automatically appear in Document Capture, and I’m notified in TRIMIT.” Afterward, Majken can place the invoices with the right recipient, who automatically gets a notification as well as reminders that there are invoices for approval. Expense Management handles the employees’ expenses and runs the approval process, according to Majken this works very easily and effectively.

“It really facilitates the work, 80% of the work is now done before I start, and then it’s just a few clicks to finish off the work”, 

Majken Hallgrimsson, Account assistant at GripGrab

Order Entry Time went from 37 hours a week to 5 hours a week

GripGrab receives numerous sales orders every day, here too, Jacob had a great desire to optimize the processes and spent much less time on entering data. TRIMIT’s consultant Michael Nørhave suggested that GripGrab also used Document Capture and made a solution so that they could use it for their sales orders as well. 

“It is definitely a big step in the right direction towards the goal of becoming paperless and working far more efficiently. Most of the work is done. We went from having a person typing orders from 8-16 every single day, to only an hour a day, that´s a huge difference”

Jacob Schulz Jørgensen, CFO at GripGrab

In addition, there is much less risk of errors, since a very large part of the process happens automatically. “From spending a long time on entering data, it is now a matter of spending a little time on checkups, so we always make sure everything is running as it should. It has really put speed on our processing of orders received,” Jacob tells. 

Also, in connection with purchase orders, a solution has been made with Document Capture. Sent order confirmations, Bill of Lading, etc. are scanned and data in NAV is automatically updated with, for example, confirmed receipt data. In addition, GripGrab always has a digital archive of the purchase documents. “We are very pleased with the sparring we have had with TRIMIT. They have come up with some good solutions that have enabled us to work more efficiently with far fewer errors” concludes Jacob.