Bramming Plast Industri

Great Overview with TRIMIT

Over 400 employees, multiple companies spread in various countries, and one of the largest production plants in Europe. 

Established in 1971, BPI produces and prepares plastic foam for any purpose from its large, modern production plant, which houses more than 50,000 m2 of manufacturing and inventory facilities.

Keeping an overview of a setup like that is no mean feat. However, a Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution (now 365 Business Central) with TRIMIT has given Bramming Plastics Industry A/S (BPI) a tool for the future.

The inventory count happens via the portal solution’s scanners, and it works impeccably

Ready To Take On All Challenges

BPI has a distinct growth strategy, which places great demands on IT, particularly in regard to performance, development, and consolidation. 

With a TRIMIT solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the company feels that it is now geared to take on any challenge.

Variant Handling

The unique variant handling that TRIMIT is known for, is just one of the system’s features that has made a difference for BPI. It allows them to manage more than 250 different foam, plastic and rubber grades.

We built a number of standard variant handling models in the new system. This has increased the speed of creating new products significantly. /
Michael Bo Andersen IT Project Manager, BPI

No More Double Work

The company now has two factories in Denmark and Poland, and a sales company in Sweden. In order to create synergy between the various locations, they chose to implement the intercompany module. 

A functionality that means that the factories do not have to create the same data several times. This module ensures that the various locations don’t have to create the same data multiple times. 

According to BPI, the module has contributed to a considerable lift in the efficiency of sales order handling between the Swedish sales company and the production in Denmark. 

TRIMIT was an important player, the next step was for the company to implement the IT solution with the intercompany setup functioning between Denmark and Poland. The main purpose of the project is to streamline standard workflows for the administrative and production areas locally and on the corporate level. 

The uniform work processes will ensure effective workflow in all the companies, contribute to a good overview, and consolidate business via the setup and system integration at a corporate level. We look forward to it, Andersen says.

Scanner Solution Saves Time

In the past, an inventory count was definitely not something BPI’s staff looked forward to. Today, though, a total count in the three Bramming locations takes five hours, and the quality is significantly improved. 

The inventory count happens 100 percent via the portal solution’s online scanners, and it works impeccably, Andersen says. The portal has two main functions. First, the terminal part is used by operators for online data capture. 

Secondly, the scanner part is used by internal transport personnel for moving and plucking orders of raw goods from production.

Less Administration

TRIMIT's portal solution will be getting another central task, which is handling machine setup and production designs. In the near future, our operators will be run as a self-service via notices on the portal, and that will make the administration of daily printing and distributing of a ton of receipts a lot easier, Andersen says.

Data Capture Makes Production More Effective

The next step will focus on capacity handling in production, in order to give production managers and operators a uniform view of the production situation. 

This will enable them to take the actions necessary to meet customer delivery times.

This is a huge advantage because the portal’s flexibility makes it possible to streamline production. A so-called paperless production, where jobs are sent directly to the terminal operator, is just one of the many possibilities for the future./
Michael Bo Andersen IT Project Manager, BPI


The production is going to get even easier with the data-capture material management function, which also runs via the portal. “Inventory transparency is one of the goals,” Andersen says. 

With the help of data capture for time and material use registration, we’ll be able to measure profit per item, order, customer, and so on. This makes it possible for us to stay ahead of things, and that is critical, he adds. The IT project leader admits that it is difficult to get things running optimally in a large conversion project such as this – both for the organization and the vendor. 

He looks forward to a full return on investment, and expects to optimize inventory via warehouse management stocks and locations. This can reduce liquidity constraints in the inventory, and, consequentially, the risk involved. In Bramming, BPI got an IT solution that, not only runs as expected, but delivers great value every single day.