Inventory & Logistics

What is inventory management?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) inventory management is a system designed to manage all aspects of your business on ONE platform, including inventory, finance, planning, logistics, and operations.

The inventory system provides real-time inventory information to all aspects of your organization. This is an important capability for businesses that plan to expand, have complex workflows or supply chains, need advanced automation, operate in “just in time” mode, sell many products, or simply wish to maximize their investments in inventory.

Real-time View of Your Inventory

Blue, purple, red, or green. Short or long. The modern consumer demand variations and choices on all shelves. One of the biggest challenges for companies today is to keep track of the number of colors, sizes, styles, and materials.

TRIMIT gives you a quick overview of your inventory and logistics with a tailor-made software solution that meets your needs - also the places where you do things differently than others.

Do What You Do Best

Keep track of everything from inventory, disposals, and the number of products available in all colors, sizes, and styles. All together quickly and efficiently, so you can spend your time on what you do best.

10 Useful Inventory & Logistics Features

  • Registration of arrivals 
  • Add in stock 
  • Picking Lists 
  • Multiple locations / bins 
  • Management of consignment stock 
  • Billing with shipping
  • Distribution of goods received for orders and customers 
  • Web-based supplier portal with updates of delivery dates, delivery number and Communications
  • Overview of content in incoming and outgoing containers 
  • Optional integration with external warehouses, customs warehouses, handheld scanners, etc.