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Satisfied with TRIMIT Furniture

“TRIMIT Furniture has made us a better Kitchen supplier – now and in the future”

With these words, JKE Designs logistics and production manager, Jens Ole Larsen, expresses his satisfaction with the standard solution TRIMIT Furniture on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Therefore, JKE Design has achieved great results after implementing their ERP system in 2005.

Reduces Time-to-Market Considerably

The new system automates JKE Designs’ ERP processes, which keeps the supply chain up and running, and updates the production plan.

“Thanks to a number of PC screens in the production, the users throughout the company always know if they are ahead or behind schedule. This way, we prevent any eventual problems at the cutting edge,” Jens Ole Larsen explains. “We now have a much better overview of our data from incoming order to final delivery, thereby avoiding a large number of bottlenecks, and this has led to a much shorter delivery time.

Improves Efficiency and Reduces Mistakes

“TRIMIT Furniture automatically handles purchase orders and prompts a confirmation from the supplier. The orders are only entered once into the system, and often this takes place in the shops in the drawing program, and we rarely experience any flaws”, Jens Ole Larsen says.

Compared to the previous system at JKE Design, where orders were made by hand and updated up to 4 times a day manually, this is a great improvement.

Eases the Way from Design to Production

Previously, the system would produce an extensive list of materials covering all possible variations of a product. It was a manual task to make the exact bill of material match the exact sales order.

Today, with the new solution, based on the TRIMIT Furniture add-on, and adjusted for JKE Design, the system creates manufacturing orders based on JKE Design’s own sales and design configuration. For instance, if a customer orders a kitchen with white doors, the solution creates the exact bill of materials needed to produce exactly those cabinets.

Enhances Customer Service

The old system managed both financial and sales processes, but JKE Design needed a system that could manage data across the enterprise – from orders to delivery.

“With TRIMIT Furniture, we can constantly survey the production process, enabling us to serve the customer much more satisfactorily. So, if customers call querying their order, we can answer in detail immediately, and assure them a precise date of delivery. This level of information is available to the whole company, so all employees in different departments are able to access the data relevant to them, which makes us all work more efficiently,” Jens Ole Larsen points out.

Always Updated

The roll-out was done in April 2005, and, due to the technical setup of TRIMIT and the zero upgrade philosophy, JKE Design is always on the latest version of NAV and TRIMIT Furniture.

Bathroom furniture by JKE Design

See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Furniture in Action?