Handle Everything

The office furniture manufacturer Dencon A/S’ demands for their new IT-system were clear: it had to be able to handle everything.

“When we recently went looking for a new system, we knew that we wanted a totally integrated IT-solution,” says Dencon’s manager. “The system should be able to manage everything from finances, stock and sales to production.”

Dencon chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV and TRIMIT Furniture, and estimates that the dynamics in the system corresponds well to the company’s reality.

About Dencon

Dencon from Denmark produces elegant, ergonomically correct office furniture, and they market and sell the furniture in places like Scandinavia, Great Britain and the Middle East. Dencon A/S has 50 employees, and the turnover has grown by 75 % over the past years.

Customized Products

At Dencon, the ergonomically correct office furniture can be customised to each customer’s individual needs – whether it regards color, wood sort, size, etc. Everything from a leaf to a complete piece of furniture can be tailored.

Effective management of customized products is one of the many things that Dencon’s IT-system must be able to do.

“When we recently decided to change our system, we wanted a totally integrated IT-solution,” says Dencon’s manager, Henrik S. Feld. “The system should be able to manage anything from finances to stock to sales to production.”

Variants and Model Building

“CORNATOR (Danish TRIMIT Partner) sounded interesting. They had experience within the industry, as well as good references. I made a quite intensive trip visiting CORNATOR’s reference customers to find out if CORNATOR and TRIMIT Furniture could meet our demands for an IT-solution,” says Henrik S. Feld.

Dencon noticed that TRIMIT Furniture is flexible, suitable for small and medium sized companies, and that it can manage several variants. Furthermore, the system should be good at building models, and thus save time in the build-up phase. If the IT-system has a template, which enables it to figure out most things by itself, this will save a lot of time for the company. This is especially important for companies with many customised solutions.

Implementation and Upgrading

Henrik S. Feld also focused on other things when he investigated CORNATOR’s reference customers: the phases of implementation and upgrading were important.

“Implementing a new system is a big and tiresome job. Before we started, we wanted to make sure there would be light at the end of the tunnel. Furthermore, we wanted a system that could be upgraded relatively easy whenever a new software update would appear. CORNATOR’s customers assured us that TRIMIT Furniture would be suitable in both respects,” he explains.

Integration with Dencon’s Product Configurator

Another reason for Dencon’s choice is the company’s product 3D configurator, Furnish Pro.

A product configurator is a program which the salesman uses to do visualisations for the customer. This way, the customer can see what the furniture will look like, switching between different modules, wood sorts, colors and sizes. Furnish Pro can be integrated with TRIMIT Furniture, which enhances the usability of both systems.

“Actually, we value the fact that TRIMIT Furniture is based on a Microsoft-product. This provides continuity because we know that it will stay on the market and develop continuously. Furthermore, it is easy to use, and easy to find employees with experience using the system,” says Henrik S. Feld.

Cooperating with CORNATOR

Henrik S. Feld explains that, so far, the implementation has been unproblematic.

“We were slightly delayed, however, the level of activity in the house was the reason for this - these things happen. CORNATOR has been good at controlling the project, but of course they cannot control our activities,” he says.

Moreover, Henrik S. Feld states that the dynamics of the system are similar to the reality of the company. He expects that it will relief the daily tasks as soon as the company has become acquainted with the new system.

Furthermore, he expects that the company can deal with more customers and respond faster to the needs.

Dencon chose TRIMIT Furniture

See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Furniture in Action?