Dixie is one of the first customers to be live on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. By implementing TRIMIT Fashion the overview of the business has been improved and the solution has turned out to be very cost-efficient, it cuts processes and helps Dixie focus more on their customers.

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Serious Savings

“Everything is much easier now.” That’s the bottom line from Michael Resen at DIXIE when we asked him to evaluate the TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal, which DIXIE has been using since 2011. Easier, in this case, means fewer mistakes, better inventory control, faster customer service, and increased sales. In other words, DIXIE has an advantage in the competitive fashion market.


DIXIE is a Danish fashion house specialising in all sorts of accessories for women, from bags, shoes and jewellery to watches and hats.

They have 11 in-house employees controlling DIXIE’s four annual collections.

Since the end of 2011, they have been using TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal to control their six annual collections. We spoke to Michael Resen, Sales Backup at DIXIE.

New Solution – Better Sales Process

“We decided on a new solution in 2011, because our old solution couldn’t handle our inventory as well as we’d like,” says Michael Resen.

“Since switching to TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal, we’ve had a much better overview of the sales process.

In our old system, our sales people had to fill out order forms. Now they do it online. All it takes is one data entry, and then everything is shown as live/real-time data in the entire system, which saves us a lot of time.

We have access to all relevant data – inventory, prices, etc. – and it requires minimal maintenance. As a result, we no longer have sales agents in different places double-book items.

It’s also a big plus at fashion fairs, where we can now create customer accounts and orders instantly.”

Delivery time is another competitive factor. Here, TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal makes another difference, as items can now be shipped as soon as they’re ordered, so the customer will typically have their order within a day or two.

Additional Sales on a Customer-Friendly Platform

One of the absolute advantages about TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal is the option of showing pictures of each item.

“Before, our sales agents had to carry ten catalogues into a shop,” says Michael Resen. “Now we have pictures of our entire stock on an iPad, where you can search by category, model, colour, etc. It’s much faster for our sales agents to find the exact items that the shop is asking for, and we always order the right number and sizes.”

Additional Sales

The electronic catalogue has also resulted in additional sales.

“We can show our entire stock, both the seasonal stock and our inventory items, and that has resulted in an increased interest in our inventory items. In addition, our sales agents can calculate the prices and negotiate offers on site to close a deal.”

Time-Saving Competitiveness

Even though Michael Resen can’t put a number on what DIXIE has saved, or by how much their turnover has increased, he’s sure that TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal has given DIXIE a great advantage.

“The new system means serious savings for us, not least because we’re saving a lot of time. That’s something that’s appreciated all around. We can show more items to our customers and spend less of their time, and that’s a big plus for both our sales agents and the shop owners.”

DIXIE store interior

See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Fashion in Action?