Why Spectre chose TRIMIT

Spectre is a Scandinavian company and a leader in the production of functional clothing. Whether it is trekking, cycling, running or skiing, Spectre makes sure to dress people well.


Time for a new business solution 
Spectre had plans to replace their old business solution with a new and better one, and their focus was a new solution that could be a single solution and handle all links in their supply chain.

“We have a rather complex setup with production companies in several countries. It is important for us that we have a business solution which, among other things, is great at managing this,” says Spectre CFO, Kenneth Bach Pedersen.

An industry-specific standard solution

With the industry specific solution TRIMIT, CORNATOR became a new ERP supplier to Spectre.

CFO from Spectre, Kenneth Bach Pedersen, reveals some of the reasons why TRIMIT was chosen:


“With TRIMIT Fashion, we get a standard solution that is build specifically for our industry, and we see that as a big plus”.  

See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT in Action?