Outfit International

Looking For a Solution

Outfit International went looking for an ERP solution that could handle numerous sizes and colours. They chose TRIMIT Fashion.

Improving Business 

Outfit International is the largest supplier of hunting and outdoor clothes and equipment in Europe. Shipping supplies to 12 countries in a wide variety of colours and sizes requires an ERP system that can handle orders, design, and production. For those parts of the business, TRIMIT Fashion is indispensible for Outfit International. But it’s perhaps just as important that TRIMIT Fashion is also helping Outfit International improve their business in other areas. 

ERP Manager Peter Michelsen says: “We use the data from TRIMIT Fashion for our catalogues. Each catalogue contains 220 pages, so being able to get the relevant data from the database makes our descriptions of sizes, colours, and selections very accurate. And with eight different editions of the catalogue, this saves us a lot of work.”

The ERP of the Future

As Outfit International expands and develops in the coming years, there’s no doubt that they will expand their use of TRIMIT Fashion as well. “We have several plans to make our organization even more efficient in the coming years,” Peter Michelsen says. “For instance, we plan on using TRIMIT for barcode-controlled pick-and-pack in order to supply our customers as efficiently as possible. We are also considering offering online portals to our agents and direct customers. This should further expedite the handling of orders for agents and stores alike”.

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See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Fashion in Action?