An Investment That’s Paying Off

After using TRIMIT Fashion for a year, Melton had no doubts: it was a worthwhile investment.

Over the last 30 years, the children’s fashion company, Melton A/S, has become known for its Danish design clothing, including, amongst other products, their bright and cheerful sock designs. Over the last few years, Melton has added children’s shoes and outerwear to their line of collections, and this has brought with it new demands to their organisation and IT management. With this in mind, the company contacted TRIMIT Partner CORNATOR at the end of 2012, and, by June 2013, TRIMIT Fashion was up and running.

“We can trust the data we pull out of the system, and that gives us a much better overview. We also have much better statistics, and that, of course, serves as a good foundation for further strategic development in the company.”

Brian Sørensen

COO and partner, Melton

Geared For The Future

“We chose TRIMIT Fashion in order to gear up for growth,” says Brian Sørensen, COO and partner at Melton. “Our old system had reached its limits. With TRIMIT, we got a stronger platform, new possibilities, and a modern sales portal that supports our salespeople. After moving to TRIMIT, we’re now ready to do business for the next 10 years.”

“Our expectations for TRIMIT Fashion were that we would be able to grow our business without adding extra resources,” Sørensen states. “We also wanted to raise our own customers’ expectations by offering them a better service. We’re well on the way to fulfilling all of our expectations and reaping the benefits of our investment.”

In particular, Sørensen says that they’ve benefitted from the sales portal, easier order handling, and more precise purchasing.

“In general, we appear more professional to customers and business partners.” Work smarter is a mantra for Melton, and TRIMIT Fashion’s inventory functionality is one area where they could feel a bottom-line. “We have a relatively large stock that gets reordered, and that’s why it’s an advantage to use lists to fulfil older stock items,” Sørensen says. “Here, TRIMIT’s inventory and location management has contributed to a better item flow, and ensured that we get the job done faster and at a better price.”

A Future-Safe IT Solution

As an IT solution, TRIMIT Fashion is future-safe because it’s always based on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and TRIMIT’s zero-cost upgrade policy backs this up. The functionality also provides good prospects for the future for Melton.

“As it stands, we use around 10-15 percent of the functionality in TRIMIT, so there’s room to grow with the system,” Sørensen says. “Functionality like B2B and webshop are ready and waiting to be used when we want to put them in action, and that flexibility is a huge advantage.”

The future will also entail more active use of TRIMIT Fashion’s PDM area for the design phase. Melton already makes use of the sales numbers from TRIMIT to adjust their designs for the market. And feedback from customers and the market is precisely what gives them an advantage. “We can trust the data we pull out of the system, and that gives us a much better overview,” Sørensen says. “We also have much better statistics, and that, of course, serves as a good foundation for further strategic development in the company.”


“I would choose them again today,” Sørensen says about their IT vendor.

“CORNATOR took time to work with us in the exploratory phase. It was also very convincing that they had the best platform in Denmark and the best customer list. Sørensen says that CORNATOR’s knowledge of the fashion business was also a big factor in choosing to work with them. “The fact that they worked with some big fashion companies in developing and targeting TRIMIT’s possibilities and functions really spoke in their favor,” Sørensen says.

About Melton

Melton has been in the children’s and youth fashion and accessories market for over 30 years. All of their products are Danish in design: colorful, contemporary and stylish.

Melton develops its business on an ongoing basis, and, over the last few years, has added two new brands. Move by Melton is quality footwear for children, while mikk-line is outerwear and rainwear. The key words for Melton’s customer strategy are quality, flexibility and service, and TRIMIT Fashion was chosen because, among other things, it supported these values.

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See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Fashion in Action?