Meeting the Challenges of the Fashion Market

In order to meet the challenges of the fashion market, the Belgian fashion company GYMP bought a TRIMIT solution. The solution is specific to the fashion industry and it is powered by Microsoft Dynamics.

"The TRIMIT system cuts off at least half of our administration time just in taking orders from customers."

Geert Anckaert

CEO & Owner, GYMP

A New Business Model

The fashion industry has changed radically over the past years, creating a need for a new business model for the survival of the small and middle businesses.

“The shops now compete with big brands such as Amazon and Zalando and this forces us to develop new, more efficient business models to survive,” says Geert Anckaert, CEO of GYMP.

GYMP invested in the new IT system in order to optimize their business processes and focus their sales to the B2B market.

“Our prior IT system was working well, but we needed a system, where we could easily and simple make orders in one single system. So we decided to transfer our stock to TRIMIT and make all our sales from there,” says Geert Anckaert.

One Simple IT Solution

Collecting all information in one single system creates a clear overview of the budget, as well as simplifying the processes of production and the day-to-day business.

TRIMIT B2B Webshop is an integrated part of the system, enabling all employees in the company and the customers to access the same real-time information.

“Before we had the TRIMIT solution, we handled orders through e-mails, faxes, excel files, phone and even physical letters. It was a long process, and now customers from all over the world can check stocks and enter orders themselves. This makes the process much more efficient and fast. The TRIMIT system cuts off at least half of our administration time just in taking orders from customers. The fact that everything is kept in one single system makes the daily processes much more efficient.”

From B2B to B2C With a Push on a Button

One of the main reasons, GYMP bought the TRIMIT solution is to enable them to start the B2C sales when they are ready.

“With TRIMIT we can go from B2B to B2C with one push on the button. This was one of the most important reasons for us to choose TRIMIT. Another important reason for us to choose the TRIMIT solution was the guarantee that we would not have any problems should the system get new versions.”

A good and trustworthy business partner is very important to GYMP, and their experience with b-con solutions has been successful from the beginning: “b-con solutions has very capable consultants and engineers who work fast and professional.”

About GYMP

CEO Geert Anckaert is one of the owners of the Belgian fashion company GYMP.

GYMP is a children’s clothing fashion brand originated in the 1960s. The brand includes baby clothing and high-end children’s fashion (ceremony, communion etc.). The clothing is sold in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

GYMP is a family owned brand that is run by three brothers and a sister. Geert Anckaert, one of the three brothers, made the decision to invest in the TRIMIT solution.

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Children's clothing by fashion company GYMP

See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Fashion in Action?