Bex of Scandinavia

The Fashion Solution for the Future

“TRIMIT is the forerunner on latest technology, cooperates closely with Microsoft and has a very interesting solution that will undoubtedly excel our business.” The words are Rickard Persson’s from Bex of Scandinavia, who states that these are just some of the reasons that they chose TRIMIT Fashion.

Rickard Persson, moreover, explains that TRIMIT gave a very good first impression, and the decision makers at Bex were soon convinced that TRIMIT Fashion was their fashion ERP solution for the future:

“After some very professional demonstrations we are confident that TRIMIT Fashion is the right solution for us now and in the future”.

Deep Industry Knowledge

One of the things Rickard Persson also noticed was TRIMIT’s deep industry knowledge and their ability to focus on the specific needs and demands of Bex of Scandinavia in order to solve both current and future issues:

“TRIMIT really listened to us and understood our needs. They were able to find solutions to all the issues we arose”.

Some of the main issues that TRIMIT Fashion will solve at Bex of Scandinavia are gathering all information in one place, and offer complete control of the entire supply chain in order to free up capacity to other projects.

ERP Vendor

EVRY One was the ERP Vendor of Bex of Scandinavia’s former solution and as they presented TRIMIT Fashion, Rickard Persson was not in doubt: “Already knowing EVRY One and the fact that they offered this very interesting solution - EVRY One was the obvious choice for us as both our current and future ERP vendor.”

Having seen all the possibilities TRIMIT Fashion offers, Rickard Persson has great expectations to their new Fashion ERP system and the continuous close cooperation with EVRY One and TRIMIT.

Bex model

See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Fashion in Action?