A Perfect Solution For Their Industry

After thorough market research, in which they tried and evaluated a number of IT solutions, children’s clothing company, Alba of Denmark, discovered that the TRIMIT Fashion was the solution that was just right.

With TRIMIT Fashion, delivered by TRIMIT Partner CORNATOR, Alba of Denmark feel safe in the hands of people who know IT and understand their business, and look forward to greater efficiency and improved customer service.

"...with TRIMIT Fashion, it (removal of items) will happen automatically, and we’ll always be able to see exactly what’s in stock and when we can deliver. In this way, we can give our customers precise answers."

Paal Kristoffer Banke Ova

CEO, Alba of Denmark

A Sure Choice For The Fashion Industry

Alba of Denmark began their search for a new IT system a few years ago when their logistics started getting out of control. Their staff were using more and more time handling daily operations, and an ever-growing stack of various Excel spreadsheets began to pile up. Their previous IT solution simply couldn’t keep up with the way the company was developing.

Alba of Denmark became familiar with TRIMIT Fashion when they began their search for a new IT system, and the company quickly decided that TRIMIT's IT system was the perfect solution for them.

“From the first meeting with TRIMIT and CORNATOR, it was obvious that they knew exactly what they were talking about. They have vast industry experience and a comprehensive list of references, including many of the brands we compare ourselves to, and many of our vendors too. So we’re totally confident about our choice,” says Alba of Denmark’s CEO, Paal Kristoffer Banke Ova.

Reaping The Benefits In Record Time

Alba of Denmark and CORNATOR have agreed on a fast implementation of the TRIMIT Fashion basic package. The work has begun, and they’re already looking forward to working with their new system in January, after an implementation period of under two months.

CEO Ova anticipates big benefits coming from the new system, which will pull together all of Alba of Denmark’s information and processes into one system.

“Right now, a lot of information and know-how is only present in our heads. We need to change that right away, and that’s why it’s important that TRIMIT Fashion can collect all the knowledge in one place,” Ova says. He mentions, in particular, inventory, invoicing and customer service, as areas where the solution will contribute to significant improvements.

"Up until now, we’ve only been able to remove items manually, and we often inadvertently pre-invoice something, which then can’t be delivered, and that’s really bad service,” Ova says. “But with TRIMIT Fashion, it will happen automatically, and we’ll always be able to see exactly what’s in stock and when we can deliver. In this way, we can give our customers precise answers.”

About Alba of Denmark

Alba of Denmark designs children’s clothes inspired by the slogan “when I was just a kid.” Everything is made in wonderful velour, corduroy, denim and cotton material. The majority of their two brands, AlbaBaby and AlbaKiD, is certified Oekotex Standard 100, indicating that it is free of known health hazards and allergy-inducing material. The children’s clothing is distributed via 200 stores and webshops, mainly in Denmark and other European countries.

AlbaBaby uses TRIMIT

See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Fashion in Action?