How To Use A Microsoft ERP For Fashion & Apparel Tech Packs?

June 26, 2018

Tech Packs are an essential part of the product development, sourcing, and costing process for any apparel and fashion company. There are several opinions on how a tech pack is done best.

This blog post discusses how to create tech packs using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV-based ERP TRIMIT Fashion.


A Tech Pack is a set of instruction documents that an apparel manufacturer needs to turn the design into a product. Many apparel companies let designers, pattern makers, and product developers use spreadsheets or tailor-made PDM/PLM solutions to create tech packs.

TRIMIT Fashion, a Microsoft-based ERP with fashion and apparel features, offers a user friendly and cost effective alternative.

Benefits Of Using Tech Packs

Besides from serving as a defacto contract between the designing company and the manufacturer, there are a number of benefits of using tech packs. Among them are:

  • More accurate samples from the manufacturer
  • Improved ability to compare prices across different manufacturers
  • Easier quality control
  • More organized information on both sides of the table

Bottomline: A better chance that no precious time is wasted.

Many Ways Of Managing Tech Packs

There is a myriad of ways to do tech packs. Surprisingly, many fashion and apparel companies still use spreadsheets or tools like Illustrator or similar despite issues with data security, transparency, and collaboration. Others take a very different approach and implement more complex and often pricy PLM solutions. Each approach has its own pro’s and con’s.

In between the two mentioned options is a third that expands on a system already in place in all companies – the ERP system. Microsoft Dynamics provides the foundation of TRIMIT Fashion that is used by hundreds of companies to create tech packs.

Tech Packs Made With TRIMIT Fashion

Let’s take a look at how TRIMIT Fashion handles tech packs, from creating the information to sharing it with the manufacturer and using it to improve the final product.

Creating The Information

Typical information that is part of the tech pack is for instance:

  • Measurement chart
  • Garment specifications
  • Colorways
  • Prints
  • Labelling

The tech pack contains information that will make it easy for the manufacturer to understand how to produce the garment. Spreadsheets and different drawing tools is often used for this.

TRIMIT Fashion captures all information needed for the tech pack electronically and makes it available in the system across platforms for direct use by everyone who needs it.

Measurement details in TRIMIT Fashion

Example of measurement details in TRIMIT Fashion

Care label lines in TRIMIT Fashion

Example of care label lines in TRIMIT Fashion

A Uniform Layout

Ensuring consistency comes with a uniform layout to the tech pack. Basic style information on each page of the tech pack and a consistent layout makes it easy for the manufacturer to work with the tech pack and send correct samples back.

Tech packs created in TRIMIT Fashion have a flexible but uniform layout based on industry best practices that lets users communicate with manufacturers with reduced risk of errors in samples.

Layout master card in TRIMIT Fashion

Sharing With The Manufacturer

Once the tech pack is complete, it is sent to the manufacturer. That typically requires creating one or more PDF files, attaching them to an email, and sending that off to the supplier.

From TRIMIT Fashion, you send the information directly from within the system without switching applications. Some apparel companies even take it all the way and use online supplier portals where all tech pack information is available to the manufacturer online.

Steps when creating a tech pack for apparel and fashion

Revisions Based On Samples

Having submitted the tech pack, the manufacturer will return a sample. Getting the sample back may result in changes to the original garment specification. These changes or updates are easily recorded directly in TRIMIT Fashion, and a new tech pack can be submitted.

For companies using the Supplier Portal that is part of TRIMIT Fashion, the updated tech pack is available instantly through the portal.

Reusing Tech Pack Information

With all tech pack information captured inside one single system, along with revisions, historical data etc., creating better tech packs becomes significantly easier. The better the tech pack and style specifications are in the first attempt, the better the chance of the manufacturer to deliver a correct sample back. All resulting in shorter lead times, reduced sampling cost, and better end products.

More Information

If you would like to know more about how to create your apparel tech packs directly in TRIMIT Fashion, our Microsoft Dynamics NAV-based solution for the apparel and fashion industry, please reach out to us at [email protected] or by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

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