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“We are making a profit in our first year in business!” Jan De Veene, CEO of B-Con Solutions, is a satisfied TRIMIT partner.

B-Con Solutions is a merger of two companies, one with 25 years of experience in textiles and fashion, and one with deep expertise in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The new company was founded a year ago to find and service TRIMIT Fashion customers in Belgium, and things have been going very well.

Success in the First Year

"We have signed with three new customers in Belgium, and that has resulted in a good first year,” Jan De Veene explains. “We have three fulltime employees, and we can count on 15 fashion consultants and 50 NAV experts to help our customers."

If the economic environment in Belgium continues to show positive signs, Jan de Veene sees a good 2014 as well. "We're quite ambitious. It's our hope to double the number of clients and our revenue in the coming year."

Becoming a TRIMIT Partner was an Easy Choice

B-Con Solutions became a TRIMIT partner because TRIMIT Fashion covered 95% of the requirements they had for a new solution.

"It's based on the latest technology platform offered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV," says Jan de Veene. "It has all the functionality we wanted to offer our customers, such as a super PDM. It's a really marvellous solution." Jan de Veene also explains that TRIMIT Fashion also has some very interesting tools, like the supplier portal. Vendors can order and restock from the supplier portal without the need for manual messages that might otherwise result in mix-ups or incomplete information. By using the supplier portal clients simply get what they order, every time. That solves a lot of daily problems for B-Con Solutions' clients.

Support from TRIMIT

The combination of fashion industry know-how and Dynamics NAV expertise gives B-Con Solutions an edge when servicing their fashion customers.

"Our consultants come from the textile and fashion industry, so they know about the strategic and day-to-day challenges our customers face," says Jan De Veene. "Therefore our clients can use the expertise of our consultants to improve their work process and evolve their business. We don't simply supply the software. We aim to optimize our clients' businesses."

In order to service their clients in the best possible way, B-Con Solutions relies on TRIMIT to deliver instructional videos and support.

"The partner portal and the partner support are fantastic. We get all the backup we need from TRIMIT, and we have access to a lot of information through the partner portal. After the first year I can say that TRIMIT’s partner support is very well organized”, Jan De Veene concludes.

Interested In Partnership?

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Troels Rasmussen, Head of Sales
Phone: +45 60 18 44 65
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