Supplier Portal Features

Order Handling

The main purpose of the TRIMIT Supplier Portal is to handle the purchase order giving the Supplier the ability to give feedback on the purchase order. That has resolved in the Document Pages where the Supplier can see own purchase quotes and own purchase orders.

The Supplier can give the following feedback on:

  • Purchase quotes the Supplier can enter “Promised Receipt Date”
  • Purchase orders the Supplier can enter “Promised Receipt Date” and “Quantity to Receive”

That the Supplier has given feedback can be seen in the Portals Activity Log found in the Portals Role Center. 

PDM and Messages

The Supplier Portal supports the design phase and has a messaging from the Company to the Supplier. That has resolved in the message board on the Home Page and the PDM Pages.

The Message board is in this version one-way; the Company can write messages to the Supplier. The PDM pages allow the Supplier to see almost all PDM information from NAV/TRIMIT, download pictures and make both PDM Comments and Workflow Comments.

Advanced Purchase Integration

When both the Company and the Supplier can edit in the same data, it is important to avoid locking and overwriting changes and also for the Company to validate the changes from the Supplier.

With the Advanced Purchase Integration, the Purchase documents are stored temporarily in a separate place, when the Supplier makes a change on the Supplier Portal.

The temporary Purchase Document is checked out to the Supplier until the editing is finished. The Company can then validate the information and update the Purchase Document (quote or order).

Portals Role Center

The TRIMIT Portals Role Center includes the access to the Advanced Purchase Integration, the Portals Messages and the Activity Log.

Best Practice Layout

The purpose of the layout is for the user to feel at home and be able to do his work without further instructions.

TRIMIT Supplier Portal comes with a lay-out that is similar to the TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal and the TRIMIT B2B Webhop. This layout has proven its ease of use.


The dashboard on the Supplier Portal assembles all the needed information in one place. It is a launch page for different activities.

The dashboard has the following areas:

  • Actions
  • Messages
  • News
  • My account


Portals messages have a basic functionality, which allows sending text messages, that can also include files.

The Supplier Portal displays a list of received messages on a dashboard.