Sales Agent Portal Features

Sales Agent Home Page

The home page in the TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal shows the list of customers that the sales agent has the responsibility for.

Once a customer is selected, the sales agent can make orders and see the order history for that customer – as if he was logged in to the TRIMIT B2B Webshop for that customer.

Multiple Salespersons Relationships

In the fashion industry, there can be several salespersons working with the same customer. At a fashion fair, there is typically a number of salespersons that needs to create orders in the TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal to random and new customers regardless of a salesperson relationship.

The new functionality called Multiple Salesperson Relationships enables you to setup specific rules for which customers a salesperson can see the information or/and can enter sales orders on the TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal.

Order Flow

The purpose of the order flow is for the customer to be able to place an order.

The order flow in TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal for the user is:

  • Exploring the portal, finding desired products and adding to the basket.
  • Opening the basket and get an overview of selected products and their prices.
  • Enter invoice and delivery address.
  • Accept terms and conditions.

The order flow is only available for registered users that are related to a customer in NAV/TRIMIT.

Orders from the TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal are automatically created in NAV/TRIMIT and the in-house procedures for accepting the order and making delivery is handled in NAV/TRIMIT as any other sales order.

Dynamic Handling of Products

The purpose of the Dynamic handling of products is to select the products to be shown in the TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal.

The job of maintaining what can be sold in the TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal is typically in-house and by a person that is using NAV / TRIMIT on a daily basis. 

With TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal the selection of products to the portal is done in NAV / TRIMIT. The setup offers great flexibility on how and what products is to be shown.


The purpose of the availability check is to only show the user products that are available at the time of ordering to avoid orders on products that are not available. 

TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal offers the following methods:

  • Inventory
  • Inventory minus sold (from sales orders in NAV/TRIMIT) 

Advanced Sales Integration

The Advanced Sales Integration has two general purposes:

  • Increase performance in the Portal
  • Make the customer validate the orders from the TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal before they become sales orders in NAV/TRIMIT

With the Advanced Sales Integration, the sales documents are stored temporarily, and can be validated in the Portals Role Center.

No Lost Orders

The purpose of “No Lost Orders” is to keep the order even when the internet connection breaks.

TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal is built to keep orders alive, when users drop out. The open orders are shown with a green frame, next time the user logs in.

Multiple Languages

The purpose of multiple languages is for the Portal to be shown in the user’s language. The Company may decide which languages are needed for their own sales agents and by that also make sure that their TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal is translated and shown in these languages.

TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal registers the language of the user’s browser settings and displays the Portal in the same language or falls back to English if the local language is not provided.

The basic product related language texts are created and edited in NAV / TRIMIT. All the Portal related language texts can be edited in the TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal administration module. This standard release includes the languages of English and Danish.


Prices are maintained in NAV / TRIMIT and can be setup for specific customers, pricelists or general prices for all customers. Based on this setup the right prices will be shown related to the customer for which the sales agent creates a sales order.

It is possible to define two types of pricelists specifically for the TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal. The types are “suggested retail price” and “unit price”.

Multiple Currencies

The purpose of multiple currencies is that the sales agent can see the prices in the currency of the customer for which he is creating a sales order.

Portals Role Center

The TRIMIT Portals Role Center includes the access to the Advanced Sales Integration, the Portals Messages and the Activity Log.

Best Practice Lay-out

The purpose of the TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal lay-out is for the user to feel at home and to be able to create orders.

In market investigations of B2B webshops the trend is to keep them as simple and easy to use as possible. TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal comes with a lay-out that matches the best practice of B2B webshops.

Order Type Selection

It is possible for a sales agent to select order types on the Sales Agent Portal. In addition, when sales agent is creating a new order and has to choose order types – it is not a list of radio buttons, instead it is clickable images.

Composition and Care Label Information

Composition and Care Label functionality extends the item information on the Sales Agent Portal.

In order to show the composition of the item, i.e. what fabric an item is made of, Sales Agent Portal has an option to show the item composition information. This information is displayed on the product details page. The Care Label functionality shows the way to handle item in regards to wash and care. This information can be displayed as pictograms or as a text.

Extended Texts for Products

The Sales Agent Portal has a possibility to show extended product description on a product (masters and flat items) and category overview pages.

It is possible to set a specific text for a product and then only choose which portals should show this text. Furthermore, the extended text is HTML aware, so that it is possible to use basic HTML tags (e.g. type in NAV “… Text in bold …” and the text within the tags appears in bold font on portal) inside Dynamics NAV and have it rendered accordingly on the portal.

Save Order as Order or Quote

The Sales Agent Portal has an option to choose which document is created, sales order or sales quote, when the order is submitted. After submitting on the portal, the sales document is landing in the Advanced Sales Integration table, after posting from which the document appears whether as a sales order or a sales quote. This depends on the portal profile setup in Dynamics NAV.


The dashboard on the Sales Agent Portal assembles all the needed information in one place. It is a launch page for different activities.

The Sales Agent Portal has two dashboards – one is for the sales agent and another one has all information about a specific customer.

Dashboard for the Sales Agent Portal has the following areas:

  • Favorite customers
  • Open orders
  • Overdue entries
  • Messages
  • News
  • My account

Dashboard for the customer has the following areas:

  • Customer actions
  • Open orders
  • Overdue entries
  • History
  • Statistics

Image Repository

Having multiple portals on the same instance allows sharing images across portals. There is no need to upload image to all portals.

The B2B Webshop and Sales Agent Portal share images uploaded on the B2C Webshop. If you create a look book, you can reuse the same look bool with same images on other portals also. The concept involves the definition and creation of a common repository, in which you can upload and align content for items and reuse it on several portals.

Look Book

The Look Book functionality in TRIMIT Portals is a way to combine different garment items in a single look and show this look to the customer in order to stimulate customer to consider buying multiple items. The Looks are grouped into Look Books.

TRIMIT Portals can have multiple Look Books.

Edit Confirmation Email

It is possible to select different email address to send the order confirmation email to on the submit order page on the portals. The system identifies the email addresses from customer, delivery and user information and suggests email addresses, if they are available.

Sales agent can specify any other email address to send the order confirmation to.

Overdue Documents

After the sales order is created and not payed for – the information is displayed for the customer showing the order number. This allows keeping track of unpaid orders and bringing this to customer’s attention.

Shopping List

Shopping list on the Sales Agent Portal allows making quick overview of favorite products. Shopping list is always saved disregarding if customer logs out and logs in again – the list is still available.

Shopping list does not reserve products on stock, so adding item to the shopping list does not affect item availability.

Price Differentiation on Matrix Cells

If a product has different prices for different variant combinations, i.e. larger size costs more than smaller size, then this can be reflected in product matrix on the Sales Agent Portal.


Portals messages have a basic functionality, which allows sending text messages, which can also include files. Messages can be sent only one way, i.e. from TRIMIT to Portals. The Sales Agent Portal displays a list of received messages on a dashboard.

Show and Manage Availability Threshold

The Sales Agent Portal allows hiding the actual item availability on the product page. Instead, the portals administrator can set a value to be shown with trailing “+” sign, meaning “more than certain amount”. In this way, the availability is shown in a more discreet way.

Expand Categories

The Sales Agent Portal has a feature of expanding and collapsing the categories and thus showing and hiding all the items. In addition, using the quick add function it is possible to quickly navigate to a needed product page knowing item number or name.

Portals Activity Log

Portals Activity Log collects all the sales agent actions regarding order CRUD (create, read, update and delete) and customer CRUD.

In addition, other actions can be added after customization.

Portals Drop Shipment

This feature gives a possibility to display available item variants depending on the item shipment date.

Copy Order to Several Customers

The Sales Agent Portal has a feature to copy selected order to several customers. This can increase the effective productivity of sales agents and keep them away the unneeded work of creating identical orders.

Order Templates

This feature can convert a complex sales order into order template and reuse it as many times as needed and for many different customers.

Order template can be manages as a normal order which makes it easy to maintain.

Create Quote for Blocked Customers

Even if customer is blocked for creating sales orders, it is possible to create a sales quote instead. No manual action is needed – the system reacts on blocked customer and suggests creating a quote. The workflow in this case is normal.

Portals Drop Shipment

This feature gives a possibility to display available item variants depending on the item shipment date.