B2C Webshop Features

Best Practice Layout

The purpose of the shop lay-out is for the user to feel at home and be able to make orders. In market investigations of B2C Webshops the trend is that the shops become more and more alike. An obvious reason is the habits of user – the user simply prefer when they can recognize their way around the shop. TRIMIT B2C Webshop comes with a lay-out that matches the best practice of B2C Webshops.

Even if the B2C Webshops are more and more alike, there is still the need for customizing. The features of TRIMIT B2C Webshop are built as modules, to ease the customization challenge and to reduce the need for “re-inventing the wheel”.

TRIMIT B2C Webshop supports Bootstrap, making it possible to change the entire design by the click of a button. See more at http://bootswatch.com/.

The default layout in TRIMIT B2C Webshop is built as responsive design. Responsive design means, that the layout automatically adjusts for viewing on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Order Flow

The purpose of the order flow is for the customer to be able to place an order. 

The order flow in TRIMIT B2C Webshop for the user is:

  • Looking around in shop and finding the desired item and put it into the basket.
  • Opening the Basket and get an overview of selected Items and their prices.
  • Add gift card or voucher code.
  • Select gift wrapping.
  • Enter invoice and delivery address.
  • Select freight option.
  • Accept terms and conditions.
  • Make Payment or use points.
  • Get a receipt by e-mail.

The order flow is open for any user, so registration is not required. Orders from the B2C Webshop are automatically created in NAV and the in-house procedures for accepting the order and making delivery is also handled in NAV as any other order. For any order that is invoiced, the user is created as a debtor in NAV.

Dynamic Handling of Item

The purpose of the Dynamic handling of items is to select the items to be shown in the B2C Webshop. The job of maintaining what can be sold in the B2C Webshop is typically in-house and by a person that is using NAV on a daily basis. With TRIMIT B2C Webshop the selection of Items to the shop is done in NAV. The setup offers great flexibility on how and what Items is to be shown. In example it is possible to select by categories (pants, dresses, shirts, spring collection, etc.) and then by Masters and then it is possible to select colors and sizes.The basket allows you to add items to a basket, then you can order all items together in one order.

Detailed Product Descriptions

It is possible to make or edit Product description directly on the product page in the TRIMIT B2C Webshop . This requires the administrator previliges. It is also possible to upload pictures for the items and set them into description. There is no synchronization of product description between the front and back end, that is if the description text has been changed on TRIMIT B2C Webshop then it will not have an affect on the product description in the TRIMIT NAV. It is possible to upload up to 4 pictures for the same item. It is also possible to drag and drop pictures one by one to the product page in administrating mode.

Multiple Availability check methods

The purpose of the availability check is to only show the user items that are available at the time of purchase to avoid orders on items that are not available. 

TRIMIT B2C Webshop offers the following methods that can be used for different order types.

  • Inventory
  • Inventory minus sold (from sales orders in NAV)

Multiple Languages

The purpose of multiple languages is for the shop to be shown in the user’s language. The Company may decide on which countries they want to focus on and by that also make sure that their B2C Webshop is translated and shown in the local language. 

TRIMIT B2C Webshop registers the language of the user’s browser settings and displays the shop in the same language or falls back English if the local language is not provided. The basic item related language texts are created and edited in NAV, advanced texts can be added in the B2C.

All the shop related language texts are edited in the shop administration module. This release includes the languages of English and Danish. 

B2C Webshop Pricing

The purpose of B2C Webshop pricing is to define the item price when sold in the B2C shop. With TRIMIT B2C Webshop it is possible to define two types of pricelists specifically for the B2C Webshop. The types are “recommended retail price” and “offers”.

Furthermore TRIMIT B2C Webshop uses a pricing model that allows differentiation of prices for items under the same master item. Behind the scene we applay advanced price synchronization model from NAV + TRIMIT to shop. This allows to qwickly see the modified item prices on the B2C Webshop.

Multiple Currencies

The purpose of multiple currencies is that the user can pay in the user’s currency. The Company will decide on what currencies they accept and define this in the B2C Webshop Pricing.TRIMIT B2C Webshop registers the language of the user’s browser settings and if a currency code/B2C Webshop pricing that matches the language is available, this is selected, and if not the default currency code/B2C Webshop pricing is selected.

Payment Gateway Integration

The purpose of the payment gateway integration is to allow on-line payments. TRIMIT B2C Webshop comes with three payment integration ready to run. The integration is made towards the providers DIBS, E-pay and Pensio. The integration includes automated e-mail notification on payment transactions (order confirmation) and the Scheduled auto capture framework, that enables the company to capture payments during the day.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

The purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimization is to get as high as possible on the list in a Google search. This is a complex matter as Google keeps evolving the way they select what is highest on the list. Currently one of the most effective tools is when many others links directly to your page, that is what Google interprets as “then this site must be interesting” and puts it high on the list. There has also been hype about the URL’s. Where “bad” URL’s is filled with unused stuff and can be hard to read and a “Good” URL can be read and even changed manually i.e. removing a part, and then the site still shows data correctly.

With TRIMIT B2C Webshop we try to follow the guidelines from Google (find them here.) We have made all URL’s short and consistent i.e. a link to a product could look like this:

http://TRIMIT b2c.dk/ shop/details.html/DA59B2F9/10919/000/

Some companies prefer that the Item name can be read in the URL, and this can be made as a customization by the implementing partner.

Filter / search

The purpose of filtering is for the user to faster find items of interest. With TRIMIT B2C Webhop it is possible to select filters in different areas like category, size, and color. The filtering will appear in the top of the screen in the shop.

Promoted items

It is possible to put some of the items on the front page of the web site in order to make those products more visible for potential buyers. The promoted items can be managed within the Soft Admin. This also embraces the following features: creation of the promoted items groups, set the time period up to hours for the promoted groups, define placement and display type on the website as well as drag and drop items berween the groups.

Related Items

The purpose of the related items feature is to inspire the user to buy more by showing alternative items that relates to the selected one. With TRIMIT B2C Webshop this feature shows alternative three items from the same category as the selected. I.e. the user looks at a pair of pants, the bottom of the page will now display some alternative pants. TRIMIT B2C Webshop makes sure that the list of alternative pants varies, so that it is not just the same for each selected Item.

Campaign Handling

The purpose of Campaign handling is to enable sales campaigns with campaign prices in the B2C Webshop. With TRIMIT B2C Webshop it is possible to manage campaigns in the shop. When an item is included in a campaign the Item will have a “before” and “now” price, where the before price has a strikethrough.

Vouchers (Discount Codes)

The Purpose of the Vouchers (discount code) is for the company to create vouchers to be used in direct marketing giving the user a discount.

With TRIMIT B2C Webshop it is possible to create the voucher in NAV. The voucher is a code that will give a percentage discount within a certain period. The voucher can then be distributed by the Company. In the shop basket there is a field “Enter your Voucher or Gift Card”. When the code is entered the user gets a percentage discount on the order. The voucher has no user name and can be shared publically. The Voucher setup can be made in such a way that it can only be used once per user or cannot be used on Campaign items.

Gift Cards

The Purpose of the gift card is for one person to make prepayment that another person can use as payment method in the B2C Webshop.

With TRIMIT B2C Webshop it is possible to create the gift card in NAV. The gift card is a code that contains an amount that the user can use as payment in the shop. In the shop basket there is a field “Enter your Voucher or Gift Card”. When the code is entered the user gets the available amount and this is deducted in the order total. If the total gift card amount is not used, the remaining amount will be available on next shopping session. If the order total is more than the gift card amount, the remaining amount will be for the user to pay directly. It is also posstible to use several gift cards on same sales order as well as combine usage of the gift card with a voucher.

Gift Wrapping

The purpose of gift wrapping is to get the items in the basket gift wrapped. This is often used when the order is a gift from the user to the gift receiver and shipped to the gift receiver directly.

With TRIMIT B2C Webshop the gift wrapping feature can be enabled and disabled in certain periods (i.e. Christmas, mother’s day etc.). The feature is shown in the shop basket as a “Do you want this order gift wrapped?” checkbox that also shows the price for the gift wrap in the same currency as the order. When selected the gift wrapping is added as an order line and all items in the order will be gift wrapped.

Freight Handling

The Purposes of the freight handling are allowing the user to choose between different shipping companies, calculate price and cost for the freight and set limits for free freight.

With TRIMIT B2C Webshop it is possible to register multiple shipping companies in NAV and handle their pricing as the company’s cost. It is also possible to setup the freight price from: Order size, shipping areas and define limits for free freight based on the order size.

Customer Club

TRIMIT B2C Webshop has a built in Customer Club with a points system and customer club levels.

Registered users can join the club and start obtaining points and also be promoted to a higher customer level.

The points can be used as payment in the B2C Webshop. It is also possible to define products that only the Customer Club members can see (different customer level – different products). The Customer Club comes with detailed settings on the earning and usage of points towards multiple currencies, customer club levels and specific setting for the posting within NAV.

Social Media Sharing

TRIMIT B2C Webshop has a the direct links to Facebook, Google, MySpace and Twitter and a built in link to the AddThis, that enables sharing for the more than 300 most popular Social Medias.

Store Locator

The purpose of the store locator is for the customer to find a physical store to try or buy the product. 

In TRIMIT B2C Webshop there is a link “Find store” from each product page. The link opens a search page, where data like; Country, Post Code, City, Region can be entered. The result is a simple list over stores, divided in; Country, Own store, Wholesaler. Each result includes address, opening hours etc. and a link to Google Earth / Google Maps. 

We have added a store promotion page, where you can write a text about the Store and insert pictures.

Wish List

The purpose of the wish list is to save items in order to buy them later or to save and send items in the wish list to other people and have it as a shopping guide. TRIMIT B2C Webshop wish list has among others the following features: can be created without user authentication (login), can store unlimited amount of records, single user can create unlimited amount on with lists, and a wish list can be edited or deleted.

Google Analytics

TRIMIT B2C Webshop has integration to Google analytics. This allows to generate online statistical and analytical reports on website’s traffic.

Extended Texts for Products

B2C Webshop has a possibility to show extended product description on a product (masters and flat items) and category overview pages. It is possible to set a specific text for a product and then only choose which portals should show this text. Furthermore, the extended text is HTML aware, so that it is possible to use basic HTML tags (e.g. type in NAV “… Text in bold…” and the text within the tags appears in bold font on portal) inside NAV and have it rendered accordingly on the portal.

Image Repository

Having multiple portals on the same instance allows sharing images across portals. There is no need to upload image to all portals. The B2B Webshop and Sales Agent Portal share images uploaded on the B2C Webshop.

If you create a look book, you can reuse the same look book with same images on other portals also. The concept involves the definition and creation of a common repository, in which you can upload and align content for items and reuse it on several portals.

Look Book

The Look Book functionality in TRIMIT Portals is a way to combine different garment items in a single look and show this look to the customer in order to stimulate customer to consider buying multiple items.

The Looks are grouped into Look Books. TRIMIT Portals can have multiple Look Books.