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Equip Retail Partners with 24/7, On the Fly Information for Growth and Profit

Picture this! Your dealers have to turn away a long line of eager customers because they don’t know when they can promise new stock.

Such losses are common today and costly too!

With TRIMIT’s integrated B2B Webshop, your partners can access product and inventory information, see account statements and place orders – 24/7 – directly from their store or mobile devices.

Just deploy TRIMIT to instantly improve your bottom line and the efficiency of your retail operations.


  • Maximize Revenue. By helping dealers offer excellent customer service with timely knowledge of inventory and new products
  • Simplify Processes. Allow order placement, order tracking and accounting from store or mobile
  • Eliminate the Slog. Build a profitable retail chain with half the back-end work
  • Eliminate Data Gap. Update information in your system and automatically push it out to retail partners
  • Immediate Returns. Implement TRIMIT and start using the webshop right away

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Praise for TRIMIT

B2B Webshop has given us some clear improvements in our sales workflows. Our sales department has become more proactive.

Mos Mosh

By logging in, dealers can also access all the information that is relevant to them. And it is a kind of win-win situation, because it saves time both for them and for us.


What I particular like with the B2B Portal and how it interacts with TRIMIT is that you can very easy export a whole collection to the portal from TRIMIT and that is very great benefit for us.


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