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Strong variant configuration, good price structure and solid knowledge of the furniture industry conditions are important reasons why the family-owned furniture company Fredericia Furniture has chosen Dynamics NAV with TRIMIT Furniture.

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About Fredericia Furniture

Fredericia Furniture Building

Fredericia Furniture is a family owned furniture company, which has contributed very much to gaining international respect for Danish design.

Børge Mogensen’s name is closely associated with the company and the vast majority of the famous furniture architect’s classics.

Recommends TRIMIT Furniture

Furniture Displayed at Fredericia Furniture

Strong product configuration, a good price structure, and solid knowledge of the furniture industry are important reasons why Fredericia Furniture recommends TRIMIT Furniture.

Continuation of Dataflow

Designer Chairs from Fredericia Furniture

Fredericia Furniture has benefited greatly from the project configurator, which ensures a proper continuation of dataflow from purchase order to production order.

Orders are only entered once in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and TRIMIT Furniture and information is visible everywhere you need it. This makes it easy to order exactly the amount that is sold without making double entries. This means in other words: Fewer errors and greater efficiency.

Order Handling

Woman working

Sales price building in TRIMIT Furniture secures a dynamic order handling and that the furniture company only needs to maintain all prices in one part of the system. Price lists for different markets will then automatically be generated on the basis of this.

Software Updates

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The Zero Cost Upgrade concept which is a part of TRIMIT Furniture ensures that the latest version is always available to Fredericia Furniture.

Industry Experience

Black designer chairs

The content of TRIMIT Furniture is the result of more than 20 years of close customer collaboration and exchange of experience. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the solution is tailored to the furniture industry.

black high chairs by Fredericia Furniture

See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT in Action?