Why Greengate chose TRIMIT

When Greengate had to select a new business solution, they got introduced to TRIMIT and made the decision to include TRIMIT in the selection. There were other, larger companies in the market, but ultimately no doubt that TRIMIT should be Greengate's future solution:

"TRIMIT was far the best solution and with a long list of references we had no doubt at all" - Flemming Nordstrand, Export Director at Greengate.

Control of warehouse and supply chain

The main reasons why Greengate chose TRIMIT were the logistical part of it, i.e. inventory management, the understanding of how they would like the warehouse to function and their entire sales process in relation to the fact that we have more than 2500 customers worldwide.

With TRIMIT, Greengate has a system where they master all aspects of their supply chain from idea being born until the product arrives in the warehouse and is packed and delivered. "It has been exactly what we were looking for when we had to find a partner, therefore it became TRIMIT", says Flemming Nordstrand.

Spending time on the most important things

One of the gains with TRIMIT is efficiency: As an example Greengate have 12 agents around Europe. Where in the past Greengate had to spend four to five hours a day servicing them with different things, we can now solve that in 5-10 minutes, freeing up time for other, more value-adding things. That is a great advantage for Greengate.

About Greengate

Greengate was founded in 1991. The founders, Jesper and Mona Bjørn Christiansen were parents at the time, and they had a desire to create the perfect setting for their small family, and thus started the idea of Greengate.

As time has gone on, Greengate has become a classic for those customers who love the romantic, Scandinavian style. Greengate designs and sells everything for the home, whether it is beautiful porcelain or delicious fabrics. Greengate is sold today throughout Europe and Asia. You have no doubt if a product originates from Greengate, as the products emit a fantastic, cozy and warm cottage atmosphere and can be mixed just as you like. 

See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT in Action?