Chic Antique

Chic Antique is an international retailer of French-inspired interiors designed in a romantic and rustic French country style, sold in stores in more than 55 countries. Chic Antique products are a mix of product like lanterns, furniture, lotions and images.

From thought to action

Behind the beautiful, calm atmosphere Chic Antique stands for, it is full speed ahead. The managers of Chic Antique have a huge focus on design and development, and there is not much time from thought to action in the small company with the big goals and ambitions. Chic Antique’s C5 business solution and various subsystems could no longer keep up with the pace and ambitions and therefore it was time to change systems.

Therefore, they started to investigate which providers they should talk to. A lot of meetings and workshops later, they were no longer in doubt - their new business solution should be TRIMIT delivered by Danish TRIMIT Partner, CORNATOR.

“We have chosen CORNATOR because they have listened to us and they understand our needs. CORNATOR's extensive industry knowledge has been important in our choice of supplier. They have shown great patience and willingness to succeed together", says Kristine Bonde Friis, Sales & Customer Manager at Chic Antique and also responsible for the IT implementation.

All under one roof 

With TRIMIT, Chic Antique goes from several different systems and several different suppliers to having everything 'under one roof' - one business solution and one supplier with great understanding, insight and experience with their industry.

“With CORNATOR's experience and knowledge, we know that we are not alone – they have seen and heard all the challenges from our industry before and it makes us feel very safe to have them with us on this journey. We can grow together and they can lift us to where we want to be.”
- Kristine Bonde Friis 

Value with TRIMIT 

With TRIMIT, Chic Antique gets a single solution. All data gathered in one place for fast and easy access. They get an overview of their business, and are able to make decisions based on numbers and knowledge rather than gut feeling. Their processes will be streamlined all the way around, they will get a lot fewer manual tasks and they will only have one supplier they can both share and grow with.

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See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Furniture in Action?