Andersen Furniture

Improve Information-Flow

The successful furniture company Andersen Furniture Møbelsnedkeri A/S (Andersen Bros. Furniture Carpentry) now uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV and TRIMIT Furniture because the company wished to improve the information-flow in the entire process from orders to deliveries.

"The system can control an unlimited set of configurational variants in an easy and lucid way, which helps our users. This is a great advantage to us."

Henrik Andersen

Economy and IT manager, Andersen Furniture

About Andersen Furniture

The name Andersen Bros. Furniture Carpentry, established in 1961, does not sound particularly dynamic. Yet, make no mistake, the family behind the company is at full speed. For example, the company recently moved from Risskov to a newly-built factory in Søften, just outside of Århus, Denmark.

Two generations work side-by-side in the company, which produces high-quality designer furniture, and, over the last few years, it has grown with tremendous speed.

The company’s 60 employees create a growth in turnover of about 15-20 percent on the two brands “Andersen Furniture” and “Zeta Furniture”.

Safety and Variant Control

“We chose TRIMIT Furniture for two primary reasons. Firstly, TRIMIT Furniture has very good references in the furniture industry. We have spoken to quite a few colleague companies that use the system, and this has assured us that the system is the best choice for us, because CORNATOR (Danish TRIMIT Partner) has solved problems similar to ours before,” says Henrik Andersen, economy and IT manager.

“The other reason is the vast possibilities the system offers regarding configurations. The system can control an unlimited set of configurational variants in an easy and lucid way, which helps our users. This is a great advantage to us.”

Henrik Andersen explains that, for instance, an oval dining table can be delivered in eight different types of wood, four different mouldings, six sizes, four types of surface treatment, eight leg types, and up to ten extra leafs. Altogether, then, a countless number of combinations and variants are required. Therefore, you need advanced IT to control the many variants without having employees waste time by controlling the variants and completing parts lists for the production.

Improved Flow and Delivery Time

“We got a much better flow in the entire process from orders through production and logistics to the actual final delivery when we implemented TRIMIT Furniture,” says Henrik Andersen.

Furthermore, the Andersen brothers expect that TRIMIT Furniture, and the movement to a new factory with more effective production and working conditions, will contribute to an enhanced productivity.

A better flow and an enhanced productivity will, first of all, result in faster delivery times, which will strengthen the company’s competitive performance remarkably.

Education Secures Outcome

Andersen Bros. Furniture Carpentry has made a strategic choice about educating the users of the system. This has been done by buying a ticket coupon to CORNATOR’s training centre, in order to train employees in using the IT-system.

By receiving training, the employees are better equipped to take advantage of all the functionality in the TRIMIT solution.

Improved information flow from orders to deliveries

See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Furniture in Action?