David Skjødt, International Wholesales Manager, and Helle Gejl Madsen, Finance Manager from the Danish clothing company MOS MOSH talks about the benefits TRIMIT gives the company: more time to be proactive in the sales department, orders outside of normal business hours, substantial growth without adding additional resources.

Video Transcript

The Most Customer-Friendly Platform

David Skjødt, MOS MOSH

We chose a TRIMIT Web portal after having met with many other web providers. In a nutshell, CORNATOR was simply the most competent in the field, and had the most customer-friendly platform.

Orders Without Extra Work

Helle Madsen from Mos Mosh

We decided on the B2B Webshop because it was built in the same way as our Agent Portal and thus required no additional costs or extra work on our part. It made receiving orders effortless.

We really like our Agent Portal: It's the only way our company can process as many orders as we do.

Any Day, Any Time Orders

woman working in office

One of the benefits we expected from B2B Webshop was that our customers would enter re-orders on their own instead of calling our sales back office. And also, that our customers would place orders outside of our business hours - on Fridays and weekends.

And our expectations were met: we also receive many orders outside of our business hours.

More Proactive Sales Force

Sales Department at MOS MOSH

B2B Webshop has given us some clear improvements in our sales workflows. Our sales department has become more proactive. They spend more time communicating with and helping our agents, and less time on general customer service, administrative tasks and order entry. This has been a very, very clear advantage for the entire organization. After all, it’s more fun to serve customers than it is to type in orders.

Our Entire Product Range Has Become More Visible

It has been a great advantage for us that the B2B Webshop contains our complete product range rather than just the styles customers currently carry in their stores. This gets more items in front of our customers, and instead of focusing only on the styles they were looking for, they discover other products and order these as well.

No Extra Work

Creative people at MOS MOSH

We are really happy with B2B Webshop. There is no extra work for us, because all information is already contained within the TRIMIT solution, which the B2B Webshop is part of. We don’t need to do any daily updates.

No Unfillable Orders

One of this solution’s really big advantages is that it communicates with our warehouse in real time. Customers don’t place orders that we can’t fulfill. The orders are accurate because the system is constantly updated.

The Perfect Solution For The Fashion Industry

MOS MOSH catalogue

TRIMIT Fashion has clearly been designed specifically for the fashion industry. You can tell by the way it handles the issues common to textile producers. It deals with out-of-stock issues 100%, and can easily handle many product variables. A dedicated textile solution like TRIMIT is a huge advantage when you are in the clothing business.

Growth Without Additional Resources

For me, CORNATOR clearly lives up to their motto "More Business - Less Resources". We can definitely see this here in the sales department, where we have achieved substantial growth without adding additional resources. That says it all.

We would’ve probably had to add two to four staff if we had to enter orders manually. Now, orders just flow through the system, so we use resources on much more interesting things.

We Recommend CORNATOR

Helle Madsen, MOS MOSH

I can definitely recommend CORNATOR to others. If you are in the textile industry and need a textile solution, then CORNATOR is the only way to go.

Apparel brand Mos Mosh recommends TRIMIT

See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Fashion in Action?