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The video made is in cooperation with TRIMIT's Danish Partner CORNATOR and is featuring the CEO and Proprietor from Molo Kids, Mogens Jepsen, who is not in doubt of the huge value TRIMIT Fashion and TRIMIT's Danish Partner CORNATOR add to Molo Kids.

Video Transcript

About Molo Kids

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- Molo Kids is an international children’s clothing company with a high focus on quality and functionality garnished with an urban modern look.


Mogens Jepsen, Molo Kids

- Some of our daily challenges concern the fact that we live in a complex world.

- We have many products covering 451 styles, 850 options and 8000 Stock Keeping Units. We operate in 9 countries and have 650 customers. We live both in the past, the present and the future. This makes our world very complex.

Covers All Processes

Molo Office

- The primary reason for choosing TRIMIT Fashion was that we found it to be the IT-platform that gave us the greatest competitive advantages, now and in the future.

- One of the most important criteria for choosing TRIMIT Fashion was that the system covers all processes in our company. We have a complex value chain that involves design development, production planning, logistics, sales, marketing and complaint planning. And the system can deal with the process of all this.

Optimized and Automated Processes

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- Using TRIMIT Fashion has optimized and automated many processes in our company, making it possible to make a series of cost reductions and streamlining. We have been able to cut down our stock personnel from 20 to 7 people in the busy season despite a rise in turnover in that same period.

- Comfort and safety were important criteria when choosing a new IT-system. Therefore, we chose TRIMIT Fashion because it has roots in the world of Microsoft, which we all know from Microsoft Office.

Industry Knowledge

Molo Kids Show Room

- We are very happy with the teamwork we have with CORNATOR. It is a skilful company with employees that understand the complex world we live in. And they are capable of helping us solving various problems. Furthermore, they have knowledge about the industry, which is out of the ordinary.

- The future will set even higher standards to us as a company. We believe that TRIMIT Fashion can help us solve the problems we might face. Therefore, we can highly recommend this product to our colleges in the business.

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See TRIMIT in action

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