TRIMIT Fashion controls complex business through all processes from purchase to sales. Furthermore, the upgrade concept of TRIMIT Fashion "Zero Cost Upgrade" ensures that Message always runs on latest technology.

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About Message

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Message is a chain of multi brand stores scattered all over Denmark. The company was founded in 1980 and moreover includes the in-house brands MbyM, Global Funk and Rosie & Roses.

Software for Fashion

Message Store

Message runs TRIMIT Fashion – a software solution tailor-made to the needs and demands of the fashion industry. TRIMIT Fashion is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and is developed on the basis of knowledge and experience from more than 265 customers.


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To many companies, handling the sales process is a huge challenge. It includes a lot of manual work, is very costly and demands a lot of resources. At the same time, it can be an inflexible and slow process, where uncertainty such as stock levels and limited overview of new and cancelled products, easily results in fewer and smaller sized orders that needs to be corrected afterwards.

TRIMIT Sales Agent

Items for shipment

Message has solved this daily challenge with TRIMIT Sales Agent, which is a web portal that meets the demands and challenges specifically in the fashion industry.

When sales people from Message take orders, the order is sent on-line and instantly to TRIMIT Fashion. This way, Message eliminates double work and typing errors. The sales person will only be able to see available products, and therefore it is not possible for him to sell styles that for some reason are not available anymore.

This way, the sales person always has an updated, online catalogue-, price-, and stock list and can show pictures of all styles. Furthermore, it is always possible to adapt the content of the portal to a specific sales person’s customers and brands.

Saves Time

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The investment in TRIMIT Sales Agent has given Message a tool, which is easy to use and saves customers and sales people time. Furthermore, TRIMIT Fashion has freed up resources both internally and externally, which now clearly shows on Message’s bottom line.

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See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Fashion in Action?