Dixie is one of the first customers to be live on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. By implementing TRIMIT Fashion the overview of the business has been improved and the solution has turned out to be very cost-efficient, it cuts processes and helps Dixie focus more on their customers.

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About Dixie


Dixie began as a home-based startup built around the promising idea of designing quality accessories—bolstered by the added value of fast delivery.

Today, more than 10 years later, Dixie is successful, still growing, and now focusing on an international market.

Needed More Detailed Control

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As a result of the continuous growth it became clear that Dixie needed more detailed control and greater transparency with regard to transactions and daily processes. Therefore, Dixie chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV and TRIMIT Fashion. These solutions meet their challenges in a much easier and cost-efficient way than the other solutions Dixie saw.

Increase Turnover 

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“It’s all about cutting the processes, says Dixie’s managing director and partner Flemming Warrer Jensen—and using the time gained on customers. And from that point of view, Microsoft Dynamics NAV &TRIMIT Fashion has been optimal."

"With the new flow, we can actually triple turnover using existing resources,” he says. "The company has already increased turnover in Germany, Sweden, and Norway by as much as 56 percent."

Transition from NAV 2009 to 2013

Flemming Jensen

Dixie is one of the first customers in the world on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

Flemming Warrer Jensen, Managing Director and Partner, Dixie: “We have experienced the transition from NAV 2009 to NAV 2013 as a relatively simple process, where CORNATOR assisted us very well."

"The employees from CORNATOR really know this line of business and are super professional. Therefore, it has not been a big challenge and that was neither the case, when we changed from another system to NAV 2009. This was also the reason that we did not hesitate, when we were asked to be test company for the new system."

Improved Business Overview


According to Flemming the entire set-up has improved the overview of the business significantly - not least because of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013's Role Center. It is a feature that tailors the right information to the right people - without having to search for them. It makes it easy for the management, sales, purchase and warehouse people to see the information that is important for them in order to solve their specific work tasks.

Advantages with Role Center

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“The biggest improvement on NAV 2013 compared to NAV 2009 is the Role Center. The new Role Center has a structure that makes it much easier to access data. You can customize the pages and Role Centres to the different departments. This means that I have access to the specific information I need and this makes me capable of making the right decisions”.

In the design department, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 has made it much easier to see what is selling well through easy access to sales statistics.

In the finance department, the system's electronic billing tool has given huge savings on consignments and postage. Furthermore, the finance department now receives notifications about customers' credit limits, and so Dixie is not likely to send new products to customers with debts above credit limit.

Uncertainty Replaced with Facts


In near future Dixie will also benefit from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Warehouse Management and TRIMIT Fashions tool for managing claims.

Uncertainty - about data and results - are now replaced with facts from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. This makes Dixie better at making the right decisions - decisions that will affect both earnings, cash flow and continued growth opportunities.

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See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT in Action?